Wake Me Up

Brianna Stone had always been known as soft-spoken and introverted, it was just the way she was raised. Apart from being soft-spoken and introverted, Brianna was also innocent; she had never had a boyfriend or been kissed before, not even on the cheek.

All three those things caused a big problem for her in a school full of experienced and sexually frustrated students. But, her biggest problem had a name - Harry Edward Styles.

Along with his best friends, Niall Horan and Louis Tomlinson, Harry found joy in bullying Brianna. Apart from his long time girlfriend, it was the one thing that made him happy.

One thing was certain, it was going to be a long year for Brianna.

A story about finding beauty in even the simplest of people.

One Direction AU



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Warning! Slight sexual content in this chapter.

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The next day, I practically ran through the school hallway in a hurry to get to class. Somehow I had slept through my alarm, which made me late for school.

The first period had already begun and I knew I would get in trouble with Mr. Hamilton, our Tourism teacher, and also my first class for the day. He was a pretty cool teacher, but he didn’t like his students being tardy. Luckily he wasn’t too bad of a teacher and didn’t give his students detention unnecessarily. He was a pretty fair teacher, so I liked him.

I stopped in my tracks when I spotted Harry and Niall walking through the hallway, coming my way. I had to get to class, but I really didn’t want to walk passed them. After waiting for about a minute, making up my mind of whether to walk passed them or not, I decided to just go to class. I had no other choice, I wasn’t the type of student to skip classes.

I walked in Niall and Harry’s direction slowly, praying they would just let me be. But, as always, luck wasn’t on my side. A smirk grew on Harry’s face once he saw me and he elbowed Niall.

“Brianna, there you are. You weren't in Tourism class.” I gulped nervously. “Not running away from us, are you?"

I quickly shook my head, my eyes wide with fear. Harry raised an eyebrow at me, clearly not believing me.

I gulped nervously again, considering the possibility of running while I still could, or staying and letting Harry and Niall do what they had planned for me.

Harry strutted over to me until he was right in front of me, his height towering over my small 5'4" frame. He grabbed a tight hold of my right wrist, dragging me to the opposite direction of where I was heading. I knew that I should never deny or fight him, so I just went with him to wherever he was taking me. Niall followed close behind me and Harry, looking like a little kid who had just received a candy. Why did they always find pleasure in hurting me?

We stopped in front of the lunch room doors and my heartbeat picked up, thinking of what they would do to me. There were lots of knives in the kitchen that they could use, and that really frightened the daylights out of me.

“Well, I’m bored and I need some entertainment. And there’s really no better entertainment than tormenting you.”

Harry dragged me into the kitchen, where he walked to a cupboard that was in one corner of the kitchen.

“Niall is friends with the lunch lady so we basically get unrestricted access to the lunch room.”

I didn't ask, but okay.

Harry handed Niall a big bucket he had pulled from the cupboard. Niall walked to the sink, where he filled the bucket with cold tap water. I watched him fill the bucket, wondering what they were planning to do with the bucket.

Once Niall finished filling the bucket he handed the bucket back to Harry, who turned to face me. What was he going to do with a bucket filled with water?

"Sit there." He pointed to a nearby lunch desk, a warning look in his eyes.

I obeyed, sitting down on the seat of the desk with my hands in my lap, nervously fiddling with the jeans I had on. I waited for anything to happen, the hits, the insults, the name calling, but before I could prepare myself, he raised the bucket above my head. My eyes were fixed on the bucket above me. Then it hit me what he planned on doing.

"Time for a bath, you stink." He declared with a smirk. At the same moment he doused me with cold water from the bucket. I gasped in shock as my body started shaking from the coldness of the water. I did not like their new form of bullying.

"Fill another bucket for me mate!" Harry called to Niall, who was laughing from the sink. He threw the empty bucket to Niall, who started filling the bucket with ice cold water again.

I stared up at Harry with shocked, scared eyes. He couldn't do that again, for all I knew I could drown or something. Okay, maybe I was exaggerating a bit, but still.

"Harry please..." I begged, blinking to get rid of the burning sensation in my eyes, which were caused by both the water and the familiar feeling of tears stinging my eyes. I wrapped my arms around my body to hold onto the little bit of warmth I still could.

"Don't worry pig, I'm not gonna do that again."

I visibly sighed in relief. Maybe they would leave me to get back to class?

Niall handed Harry the bucket and I knew by the look on Harry's face that he wasn't going to let me go as easily. Harry put the bucket filled with water on the table in front of me.

"Drink up."

I stared up at him confused and a little bit shocked. Did he really expect me to drink from a bucket?

"God, you're an idiot.” He shook his head, exasperated. “Drink the water like the pathetic dog you are!” He pushed the bucket closer to my body, the rim tipping and some of the water falling onto me.

How could he expect me to do that? To degrade myself like that?

Before I could do anything, Harry grabbed a hold of my head and pushed my head into the bucket completely. My hair floated in the bucket as he held my head there. It felt so familiar to what they would normally do to me - a swirly, only this time my head wasn't dunked into a toilet, thankfully. What they were doing weren't less degrading though.

"Now drink up cow." Harry ordered, pulling my head out of the water and easing up on his hold, but not completely letting go.

Swallowing what little pride I had left (not that I had any left to begin with), I did as he said, or tried to, I choked on more water than I drank because of Harry's grip on my head.

"This is too good! I need a video of this!" I heard Niall's voice in the distance. Just when I thought it could not get any more degrading...

“What the fuck are you doing?!” I heard a female voice in the distance, followed by the sound of the lunch room door slamming shut. Harry’s grip on my head eased completely and I pulled up my head, feeling a bit dizzy. I wiped my eyes to clear my blurry vision and turned to look at the person who had spoken.

Everyone knew her as Ryder Evans, notorious gang leader. All of London knew their gang as the troublemakers of the city once. During one of their infamous gang fights, the police got involved and Ryder got arrested. The rest of her gang got away. She got out with bail, but she didn’t resume her role as gang leader, feeling betrayed by her gang members. An old couple took her in and entered her into Stanley Secondary School. I had seen her once or twice in the hallways, but I always avoided eye contact with her because she intimidated me.

“Get out of here Evans, this is none of your business.” Niall sneered at Ryder, who only rolled her eyes at him. Something told me these two knew each other outside of school and did not like each other very much.

“Shut it Horan.” Ryder warned with a glare of her own. She strolled over to me and I gulped, wondering what she wanted. “Are you okay?” She held her hand out towards me. I looked passed her at Harry and Niall. Both of them had glares on their faces. I nodded quickly, standing up on shaky legs. The water I was drenched with was pretty cold and it being Autumn outside didn’t help much. My clothes were soaking wet too, so them sticking to my skin helped even less.

“Come on, let’s get you changed into some warmer clothes.” Ryder grabbed a hold of my arm and dragged me away from Harry and Niall. We walked in the direction of the door, she didn’t turn to look at Harry and Niall, but I did and it looked that they wanted to kill either me or Ryder. Maybe both of us.

Once we left the lunch room, she turned to look at me. I followed a bit behind her, not really knowing where we were going.

“I’m Ryder.”

“Uh... I’m Brianna Stone.”

She nodded knowingly. “Yeah, I know. You're Harry and his idiots’ bully victim.” Her face held sympathy. "They're real dicks."

She stopped at one of the lockers and opened the locker door with a key she had. She went through her (rather messy) locker and pulled out a duffle bag. “Unfortunately I only have my football clothes to borrow you. You look about the same size as me, so it should fit you. The pants may be a bit big since I’m somewhat taller than you.” I knew I was not the same size as she was; she was a lot thinner than I was. I just worried that I would get in trouble for wearing football clothes in school. I mean, I know the cheerleaders wear their uniforms and the football players wore their jerseys, but I wasn't part of the football team. Nevertheless, she offered them to me, and I was thankful.

She handed me the duffle bag and we walked to the bathrooms.

Once inside the bathroom I changed into the clothes in a bathroom cubicle. Luckily it wasn’t too tight because I didn’t like tight clothes much (that was one of the reasons I didn’t wear skinny jeans). I stepped out of the stall self-consciously fiddling with the hem of the football jersey.

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I looked at Ryder, who had a smile on her face.

“Why are you helping me?” The question left my mouth before I could stop it. Usually Harry didn’t like it when I asked questions, it irritated him.

I walked to the mirror, attempting to fix my frizzy hair, that were still somewhat wet.

“Because you remind me of my sister. Well, my adopted one. She’s 15 and my adoptive parents took her in 3 years ago, she has the same scared, innocent look in her eyes that you have. She doesn’t let me get close to her, just like you don’t want people to befriend you. Liam told me you didn’t want to become friends with him, because of Harry, Niall and Louis. I already see you as a little sister.” I was shocked at her confession - not only did she never reveal anything of her home situations and was closed off, but she was offering to help me, the ex-leader of an infamous gang wanted to help me.

Still, I didn’t know if she was stronger than my three bullies or not, and I didn’t want her to get into fights because of me.

“I’m sorry Ryder, you’ve been very nice to me and I really appreciate you trying to help me, but I can’t let you become a subject of Harry’s bullying because of me.”

Surprisingly she smiled at my words.

“I can hold my own in a battle. So sorry babe, but you’re stuck with me.” She said, throwing her arm over my shoulders.

Lunch time came around and Ryder’s been following me like she was my shadow. She had all my classes before lunch break with me. I never noticed that however, maybe because I always kept my head down. I opened up to her a bit, and I had to admit, it was nice to have someone to talk to for once.

The two of us made our way into the lunch room and I could feel eyes on me as I avoided looking up.

I did look up eventually though, straight into Harry’s face. His jaw was clenched and his eyes were set in a glare directed towards us.

I ordered myself a hamburger and fries/chips with a bottled water. It wasn't the healthiest meal, but I needed some comfort food.

I tensed when Harry got up from his table (where all the football/soccer players and cheerleaders sat) and made his way towards our table. My eyes trailed down the table as Harry stopped next to me.

“What are you doing, sitting with a loser like this cow?” He picked up a fry from the small bowl of fries I had picked for myself, and threw it at my face. “Seriously, like you’re not fat enough.” He mocked, then turned to face Ryder, “Why don’t you rather come sit with us. Can’t be nice having to share a table with this pig. Can you even fit on the chair?” I swallowed my tears.

“No thank you, I don’t want to sit with a retard like you.” Ryder replied smugly. Wow, she had good comebacks!

Harry slammed his fist on the table and I could practically feel his anger radiating off of him. Ryder didn’t seem to be faced by his anger though.

I was astonished when Harry only released an agitated sigh and went back to his table. He pulled Sandy onto his lap and started a heated make-out session with her. While I stared at him with utter disbelief.


How dare she? How fucking dare she?! Calling me a retard like that! I'm not a retard. Who did she think she was?! Fucking bitch!

Kissing Sandy certainly did not help calm my anger like it used to, I guess it was turning too much into a routine. I needed another way to release my anger.

Hitting Brianna wouldn't help because the bitch would probably be by her side all the time since they apparently became the bestest of friends. We got Liam to stop trying to befriend her that morning, why was this Ryder bitch so hard to convince?

"Haz, you're so hot when you're angry." Sandy's voice brought me back to reality. Her eyes were full of lust as she placed kisses along my neck.

I smiled at her, kissing her head. She told me once she found it weird, but I still did it. It was my way of showing my adoration for her. She kept me sane.

My eyes trailed to Louis and Bridget, who both got up from their seats at the table and headed out the door, hand in hand.

The boner in his pants was a clear indication of what they were going to do. And I thought Sandy and I was bad...

“You coming over tonight babe?” Sandy asked me, resting her head on my shoulder while making herself comfortable on my lap. She was on her phone, scrolling through Facebook.

“Yes. I’ll be there around three.” She looked up from her phone quickly.

“Why don’t we make it five o’clock? I have to go to the mall with my mom at three, I promised her. I think we’ll be done by five.” I smiled at that, glad that she was spending time with her mom. I knew that she and her mom never really got along very well. She had always been closer to her dad.

The bell rang and the students cleared out of the lunch room. Sandy and I walked to the lunch room door and I stopped her at the door. I waited by the door for Brianna and Ryder to pass, who were the last people still in the lunch room.

Brianna and I locked eyes, before she looked down, avoiding eye contact with me. A smirk grew on my face as she passed by the door. I extended my leg as she passed me. She tripped over my leg, causing the students in the hallway to laugh.

Ryder helped her up and with a glare directed at me, she and Brianna walked down the hallway to their next class.


A smile grew on my face as soon as the final bell rang. Finally, I could get out of the dump for the day! So far my day has been pretty productive; I helped Brianna - with the promise of helping her with her bullying situation, and I got under Harry Styles' skin (which was a bonus).

As I walked through the school gates, someone bumped into me.

"Watch it!"

I looked up at the face of the person who wrongfully accused me, since he bumped into me.

Niall Horan. Of fucking course.

"Maybe you better watch where you're going next time dick." I stated, walking passed him in the direction of my home. I was not in the mood for a fight.

Before I could prepare myself, I had been dragged down to the ground by Niall. I was willing to let him blaming me slide, but he had crossed the line. I promised my foster parents I wouldn't use violence when I got angry, but rules are meant to be broken sometimes. Niall Horan needed to be taught a lesson.

I got up from the ground, a glare set on the blond football player. He raised his eyebrows, challenging me.

I was quick, grabbing onto the front of his jacket and bringing him to the ground. I had a hold on his hands as I pushed them into the ground harshly.

The expression on his face surprised me; instead of the anger or perhaps slight fear I expected, a smirk grew on his face.

"Still selling drugs?"

Of course he would use my past against me. Not that it bothered me that he knew our gang business since he was one of our regular customers.

"Still buying drugs?"

Niall remained silent, simply glaring at me. He tried to kick me with his legs, but I sat on them to restrict them.

"Never mess with me Horan. You should know by now, I'm a lot stronger than you'll ever be."

Niall's jaw tightened and he jabbed me in the chin with his elbow. I had to admit that it did hurt somewhat. I lowered my face to his, glaring directly at him.

"This is a warning, tell your friends to back off Brianna. And if I heard that you even talked to her, I'll show you exactly why I was gang leader of the strongest gang in town, and why people feared me."

With my warning given, I let go of Niall and made my way home.

Hopefully he had learned his lesson, because if he hasn't, I would have been happy to teach him again.


It was the weekend and I could not have been happier. Not only did we have a trip to the lovely city of Paris on Monday, but I got to spend the whole day with my boyfriend, Louis Tomlinson. I really did love him a lot, and I would not lie, it did hurt me when he slept with other girls. But I would rather have half of him than nothing, so I let it happen. It may be crazy of me to be willing to share him with other people, but in the end I'm the one who got to call him my boyfriend.

He loved me, he told me loads of times, and that's all I ever wanted and needed - to be loved by someone.

Louis and I walked into my house, his hand resting on my butt. He usually rested his hand there when we were together. He had a thing for butts, and I had grown accustomed to him having his hand on mine.

"How about we go to your room?" He whispered in my ear, causing me to shiver at his suggestion. We didn't really have any time to be intimate since my period was a week ago, and my mom was almost always home. Luckily I had finished my menstruation the previous day, so we could make love.

I barely had time to close my room door properly before Louis was on me. He pushed me up against the wall, his body flush against mine. My eyes trailed down his face as he licked his lips.

He lowered his head to mine, capturing my lips with his in a kiss. The kiss was passionate and rough. I couldn't get enough of Louis. Every kiss with him felt like little explosions in my stomach. I was left breathless as his hands ran up and down my body slowly and I could feel the pressure slowly building up in my lower region. I could feel my need for him increase.

I pulled him closer to my body by his jacket, wanting to be as close to his person as possible. My action caused him to release a low moan.

He pulled away from me, lifting my shirt over my head so fast I was left feeling slightly dizzy. I pulled his jacket off of him, followed by his own shirt. He reattached his lips to mine, moving us to my bed. I quickly pulled my trousers down, wanting to feel him inside me as quickly as possible.

He pushed me down onto the bed, immediately hovering over my body. He lay down on me, kissing up my jaw. My eyes closed instinctively, and I focused on the pleasure to try and forget the need I had to have him inside me. Louis did not like to be rushed.

He trailed kisses down my neck and onto my collarbone, where my sweet spot was (he knew that of course). I moaned as he sucked on a specific spot on my collarbone.

I felt him smirk against my skin, before he continued on his path down my body.

Once he reached my thighs a certain nervousness filled me. He had never gone down on me. I have given him blowjobs many times, but I never expected anything in return. I always got nervous for some reason, it just felt weird to me. Louis didn't mind my reluctance usually, and I was thankful for that.

It seemed luck was on my side because Louis got up. His erection was clearly seen through his pants, and I could only imagine how much it hurt.

He pulled his own pants down, followed by his boxers. His erect cock sprang free from it's confines.

"Do you have a condom?"

I would think he would remember to bring one, he usually had condoms with him.

"No..." I answered regretfully. I wanted him so bad, but there was no way I could lie to him since he knew I didn't take birth control pills (it makes me gain weight like crazy).

"I guess one time without a condom won't hurt?"

I could not agree with him any faster. I pulled him to me and attached my lips to his as my answer.

He lowered himself down onto me slowly and used his hand to position his erection above my entrance. I looked to his eyes, to see that they were filled with pure lust. I felt somewhat proud that I could do that to him.

He practically slipped into me because of how wet I was. The feeling of his cock filling me I could never get used to, it was like having sex for the first time, all over again.

He set a pace as he started moving in and out of me, his speed increasing by the second.

It was not long before the bed shook with each thrust, and he only seemed to be going faster each time. I gripped onto his biceps as he leaned on his elbows.

My body shook with each thrust and for a single second I actually feared that I would be ripped open completely. I would never ask him to go slower or softer, because that was just not him. He loved rough, dominant sex, he wasn't really into the whole romantic and passionate sex thing.

It wasn't long until a familiar wave of ecstasy filled me. It was so intense that it felt like I was having some kind of seizure. Louis came soon after me, his load filling me.

We lay in the bed trying to get our breathing under control. His chest heaved as he breathed through his nose.

I lay with a smile on my face. My lower region was aching, but that was the most pleasure I had ever felt. Doing it without a condom payed of.

"That was great!" I told Louis, looking at him with a happy smile. He smiled back at me before getting up.

"I have to go, my mom asked me to babysit my sisters."

I forced a smile as he gathered his clothes, pulling them on. He always left after we had sex.

"Can I come with? We could spend some more time together. I love kids."

"Sorry, I want to study for the exams." With that said, he left, leaving me laying on the bed, half naked.

I lay staring at the ceiling. I did not know why he was so distant, I've never even been in his house once. I've never even met his mother or father. He has met mine though, that didn't go of very well.

With a sigh I went to the bathroom for a shower.


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"EVERYONE GATHER ROUND!" Mr. Hamilton's voice was heard above the excited chattering of the students who were attending the trip to Paris on Monday morning. The students stopped their noise and turned to Mr. Hamilton. "We're about to board the plane. There are two seats next to each other, so four seats per row. I want four students per row, no more. Get in a single file!" The students did as he said and fell in one (disorderly) row. I stood behind Ryder awkwardly as she chatted to London who was in front of her. She obviously liked London more than me, but I couldn't blame her, London wasn't as boring as I was.

I heard Ryder suggest that the four of us - me, Ryder, London and Zayn, hang out during the trip. I wasn't too fond of the idea, but I didn't say anything.

We walked into the plane and I followed her to a seat. She stopped in front of open seats.

"You can sit by the window."

I ignored the voice in the back of my head telling me that she only let me sit by the window because she wanted to continue her chat with London (who sat opposite us).

I buckled my seatbelt and leaned my head against the window, preparing for the long trip to Paris.

Once the plane landed, and Mr. Hamilton shouted at us to exit in an orderly fashion, he told us we could go sightseeing for half an hour (but we had to stay near). I simply followed Ryder.


When the plane landed, I got out my camera, taking pictures of Sandy and my mates. I would add the pictures to my photo album later. Honestly, I was a pretty sentimental person, and I wanted to have pictures of our time together.

"Haz, take a picture of the cow of there! We could edit it to make her look even worse than she already does and put it on Facebook. That would be a laugh!"

I smirked to myself, taking a picture of her. I would keep the picture in my photo album too, to show my future kids what the ugliest girl in the school looked like in year 11.

I turned to Sandy, resting my hand on her back, and guiding her along to the Eiffel Tower, out first stop. I wanted a photo with her on top of the Tower.


I saw a flash and looked over at who had taken a picture. It was Harry. He probably just took a picture of Sandy or some of his friends.

"Let's go to the Eiffel Tower, I want some pictures in front of it." Ryder dragged me along with her. I was lagging behind, not wanting to break (or scratch) my camera.

I stopped dead in my tracks when I spotted Harry and his friends going over to the Eiffel Tower too. I didn't want to go if they went too.

Ryder turned around to look at me, then her gaze travelled to where Harry, Louis and Niall stood.

"Don't let them scare you. If they see they have control over you, they will never stop bullying you."

I forced a smile; that was easier said than done. There wouldn't be a day when Harry, Louis and Niall wouldn't scare me.

We started climbing up the stairs of the Eiffel Tower, London and Zayn in front, Ryder behind them and I was last, behind Ryder.

I squealed and jumped in surprise as my hips were pinched from behind. I turned around, to come face to face with Niall's phony innocent smile.

He raised a challenging eyebrow at me. I turned back around, to see that Ryder hadn't noticed our small exchange, luckily; the last thing I wanted was her making a scene over something so minor.

Wanting to get away from Niall as quick as possible, I bolted up the stairs to Ryder. She was sort of my protector, strange as it seemed.

"Come on babe, please! Just one photo, I promise I won't let you get hurt." I whipped my head back down to the owner of the voice, Harry, who was behind Niall.

Sandy was pushed up against the side of the Eiffel Tower by Harry, who had a camera in his one hand, the other was holding onto her. It was obvious he wanted to take a photo with her inside the Eiffel Tower (which I found pretty cute actually, not that I would admit it out loud).

"For fucks sakes, I said no Harry!!!"

Harry removed his hands on her hips with a forced smile on his face. I saw him mutter a small 'sorry' to her, moving away from her to let her pass. As she passed him (going back down to the ground), she pushed him back angrily. He released a sad sigh, before turning his head, seeing me.

"What are you looking at, fatass?" It was meant to be a question, but it sounded more like some kind of threat.

I quickly looked back up the stairs, away from him.

"Nothing." I muttered softly, continuing up the stairs. I don't think he even heard me.

Once we were at the top of the Tower, I stared out at Paris. A smile graced my face at the beauty of the city. I had always admired the scenery of the different countries I've been to (more so than the people or shops or food).

I felt the presence of a body next to me, causing me to look up at the face of said person.

Niall Horan leaned against the railing of the Tower, staring down at the people who looked like little ants.

"It's nice up here."

I froze in shock. Did he just talk to me without insulting me? He had never uttered any words to me that were not mean or insulting.

I gulped, simply nodding in agreement. Why was he being nice? What did he want?

"Ugh! Really! Harry's not here, and you're so boring, it's like talking to a fucking wall! I'm sure as hell not talking to those idiots," he motioned to Ryder, Zayn and London, "well, I'm outta here!"

Niall went down the stairs as I simply stared at his back in complete shock. He hadn't done anything to me, he barely insulted me; only calling me boring and comparing me to a wall.

What was he up to?


It was late in the evening when I returned to my room after my shower. The hotel rooms themselves were beautiful, yet simple, and the colour scheme was a brownish colour. There were two beds in the room with a TV in front of one of the beds and a small dresser tucked into a corner. The room had an adjoined bathroom that Sandy and I had to share.

Sandy had already claimed the bed in front of the television as hers, and I knew that because her bags had been placed on that bed. I didn't mind though, and if I had, I wouldn't have voiced it.

Sandy herself wasn't in the room, I had no idea where she was, but I started getting ready for bed anyway. It was around 11pm already. I couldn't wait for her to return before going to sleep, for all I know she wasn't even returning, and was staying in Harry and Louis' shared room with Harry.

I lay down on my bed, climbing under the covers quickly. My pyjamas and the covers made the cold October air in Paris not seem as cold thankfully.

My pyjamas weren't the most revealing or sexy set that I could bring (not that I owned any sexy pyjama sets), but I liked them at least and they were comfy. My mother did not like me wearing something even remotely revealing or sexy, saying that a lady should not dress like a tramp. So she watched me as I packed my pyjamas in my bag. It was a two piece set (a long sleeved shirt) meant for wearing in the winter when it was cold, but I wore it all throughout the year; mom's orders. Mum was strict about only my future husband being able to see my body, always has been, and tried to make me her own little trophy daughter, like my sister was. And I succumbed to her idea of perfection.

The door to the room swung open, interrupting me from my thoughts.

Harry Edward Styles dressed in nothing but black briefs stood in the doorway looking around our room, searching for something.

"I'm looking for Sandy. Have you seen her?" He asked, his gaze settling on me in my bed. So she wasn't with him.

I quickly sat up in the bed, wanting to seem less vulnerable. It didn't work. I shook my head in answer, not looking up at him.

"Something tells me you're lying to me."

"I'm not!" I shouted frustratingly. The words left my mouth before I could stop them, "...I mean, I don't know where she is. She only left her bags here and then she went somewhere, and she hasn't come back yet, and-"

"Alright I get it, just shut up already! God!"

Harry seemed irritated and I did not want to irritate him further, so I kept my mouth shut, avoiding eye contact with him.

"What are you wearing?" His voice was calm, curious. Was he bipolar or something?

I subconsciously looked down at my body, to see the duvet had fallen down and my pyjamas were displayed. I quickly pulled the covers closer to my body, hiding my pyjamas.

Harry was silent for a while, not speaking, not moving, simply staring at me, deep in thought. He bit his lip as he surveyed me, a smirk growing on his face.

I gulped loudly when he strolled over to me. His arms were crossed over his chest, adding to his intimidating demeanour.

My breath caught in my throat when he lowered himself onto my bed, bringing his face closer to mine.

"Let's see what you're wearing under there." It seemed he was talking to himself rather than me.

My eyes widened and I tried to move away from him, propping myself up against the headboard of the bed. My actions only caused him to let out a deep laugh.

"Don't try to run. Remember, if you do, your punishment won't be very nice."

I looked down at the covers, rolling the material between my fingers. I wished I could stand up to him, stop him from executing his plans, but I couldn't. I was too weak.

Harry's hands moved down my body to the top button of my shirt. He slowly, almost teasingly, opened the first button. I already felt exposed to him, with just one button undone.

His hands moved on to the second button and he went to open said button too. I retracted away from him, shielding my body.

"Harry please..." I begged, wanting him to stop.

"Sounds to me like you want me to continue. Do you want me? Want me to take your virginity?" He was silent for a while, studying me, before he spoke again. "Not that I would do that. No one would fuck you for free! You're gonna die a pathetic virgin."

The door swung open and Harry moved away from me quickly. I pulled the covers up, over my upper body, not wanting to show anyone what had just occurred.

Sandy stood in the doorway in her pyjamas, which was a tanktop and male boxers that were probably Harry's.

"Here you are Harry!" She noticed me in my bed. "What are you doing in here with that thing?" I bit my lip, looking down at the covers.

"I was looking for you." He rose from the bed. "Wanna go back to my room?" He winked at Sandy. By the smile on her face, she knew exactly what he meant by going 'back to his room'. I had my suspicions too.

They left through the door hand in hand.

x x x

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