I was desperate so I agreed to become his and only his.


1. Prologue

My head was spinning, my teeth were chattering, and I had a feeling that I was being watched.

I was exhausted, I didn't sleep for days, I was lost and broken.

I needed to find a place to crash, it was beyond freezing I could've got frostbite.

My feet were aching and it was getting dark.

My hair was mess, all greasy and filled with knots.

My make up was smeared, my cheeks were puffy and stained from crying.

I felt like a zombie.

I wanted my suffering end.

I no longer had a life, my parents kicked me out, my boyfriend said goodbye.

So of course when I got offered to stay in someone's warm house I couldn't pass it up but I had to obey his rules if I wanted to stay.

I had to get his name tattooed on my skin.

I had to join his gang.

I had to change my name and much more.

This is my story.

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