The Letter ~ Jack Barakat Imagine

Based off of the song "The Letter" by Hoobastank. Give it a listen to understand the story a little more! C:


1. The Letter

      It was a dark, cloudy day and I was stuck inside cleaning up my apartment that my boyfriend Jack and I share. He had left because he had to rehearse  with his band All Time Low to prepare for the upcoming tour to promote their new album. I had managed to clean up the majority of the house in all the rooms except for our bedroom. I decided to work there next, hopefully being able to clean it completely before Jack got home.

     I walked up the stairs and into our bedroom when the phone rang. I picked up the phone and paced the room. "Hello?"

     "Hey Y/N. I'm gonna be home later than I thought, I'll get some food for myself later. So don't bother making anything for me." Jack spoke, clearly distracted by something.

     "Oh that's okay. Just make sure you get home safe. I love you." I was slightly disappointed that he wouldn't be here. Lately I haven't been seeing much of him and it was upsetting.

     "Love you too. I'll see you later. Unless I get home too late. Bye." Jack mumbled then hung up.

     I put the phone back in its cradle and walked over to the bed. Neither Jack or I ever really bothered to make it, so I took the sheets off. I piled them in my arms and walked to the laundry room, putting the sheets in the washer. As I was about to walk out of the laundry room something shiny caught my eye. I turned around and looked at the shelving unit hung on the wall, noticing that there was a partially opened box. I picked it up and opened the lid to reveal a diamond necklace. I gasped and immediately put it back in it's place. I don't want Jack thinking that I saw a present he was planning on giving me; it would make me feel bad.

     I strolled into the bedroom once again but this time I noticed something stuffed underneath the mattress on Jack's side of the bed. I walked over to investigate and picked up the corner of the mattress, taking out what seemed to be a piece of paper. The thing that caught me off guard the most was the fact that it smelt like perfume, but nothing like anything I owned. I opened the folded paper and saw a woman's handwriting. I knew it belonged to a woman because I've never seen any man write as beautifully as that. Hell, I can't even write that well. I began to read the letter.

    "Meet me there at midnight. The same place we always go. I'm absolutely sure she doesn't know...."

     Those words jumped off the letter, haunting me as they echoed in my head. My heart sank into my stomach. I looked away for a moment in an attempt to regain my composure before I continued, which didn't work too well considering my eyes had begun to water.

     "When can I next see you? I've been counting down the days. I promise you our secret will be safe...."

     I can't continue reading, tears running down my cheeks. The meaning of the letter is so clear. I crumpled it in my hands and threw it across the room. Remembering each and every damn word. 

     "How could he do this to me?" I spoke quietly. Then I began repeating the phrase, getting louder every time.

     I sank onto the floor, tears clouding my vision. Each and every line of the letter replayed in my memory. It made me fill with a range of emotions. I wanted to scream at the top of my lungs about how much of an asshole he is but at the same time I wanted to cry because of how much he hurt me. Then I realised that the best thing for me to do was to just leave. There didn't need to be an explanation, it's all there in the letter that I found. 

     I stood up and ran downstairs, finding a pen and a piece of paper. I decided to write him a letter. 

     "You wanted to me to find it. You never even tried to hide it... Those words are here to stay..."

     I continued by writing about how I found the letter and how I knew exactly what was going on. I also mentioned how he didn't hide it very well and obviously wanted me to find it. I wrote down every single emotion I felt and I poured my heart and soul into that letter. Just to make sure Jack knows that he fucked up.

     "I hope you find this letter that I'm writing you today. These will be the last words that I say..."

     I rested for a moment, taking a deep breath and continuing.

    "It's too late to try to work it out. There's no way to turn this thing around. It's all there in the letter that I found. I've memorized it line for line. Too bad that letter isn't mine...It's all here in this letter that you found. So memorize it line for line. I won't be there to say goodbye..."

     After I finished writing the letter I threw it on the bed. Then walked over to the closet and grabbed one of my old bags. I began stuffing it with clothes and makeup; mostly just things I might need. I tried to be as quick as I possibly could, just grabbing handful after handful.

     I grabbed my bag after it was completely filled and walked down the stairs, making sure Jack wasn't home yet. When the coast was clear I grabbed my coat, put on my shoes, grabbed my keys and headed out to my car. I climbed inside and began driving away, not daring to look back...


     "So memorize it line for line. I won't be there to say goodbye..."~



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