The Werewolf and the Wizard

Jamie Fletcher never wanted to be a monster. She simply stayed out an hour too late on the wrong day, and now she's stuck living as only half a human.
Meanwhile, her rival, a Slytherin named Miles Wood, notices she's been acting different. She seems tired and her grades have been slipping lately, which is saying something as that never happens. He decides to investigate. What he discovers may cost him his life, or his humanity.


2. The Platform, Express, and the Boy Named Miles

I woke up earlier than even our House Elf, Stein, did, which was really saying something. I was completely packed by the time dawn started coloring the sky cream and white. My owl, Thunderfest, was flying around the house, probably saying his goodbyes to the other owls.

Despite the fact that today was the day I would return to Hogwarts, I wasn't as excited as I should have been. After all, everything had been falling into place lately. A simple case of lunar canineness shouldn't change a thing, right? Yet it did.

I couldn't help but think about how the next nine or so months would be like. I won't tell anyone, except my closest friends. I only really have Jennie anyway. And I especially won't tell Miles. I shivered at the thought of telling him. No doubt he would make the entire school turn against me. He'd use his popularity and money to do that.

I was still deep in thought when my parents came downstairs. They were already dressed, though they still appeared to be tired. I wouldn't be surprised; it can't be easy raising a monster. Mother straightened up with an exhausted smile. "Well, Jamie, are you ready?"

"I'm never going to be ready, so we might as well go now." I replied, standing up stiffly, looking into a mirror. My raven black hair, normally so full and sleek, was now stringy and ragged and hung over my shoulders like wet spaghetti noodles. My face was pale, clearly showing the dark bags under my green eyes. People used to say I was pretty, in fact some said I was still pretty, but I begged to differ. I wasn't pretty, not on the inside or the outside. I was a monster and though I couldn't be sure, I think I may have killed a Muggle on my last transformation.

Mother put her hand on my back and led me out of the depressing room. Stein asked me one more time if I wanted anything, to which I whirled on him and snapped, "Yes. I want this curse to get off me. I don't want to be a monster. But I suppose you can't do that, you worthless -" I cut myself off, my hand over my mouth. "Oh, Stein, I don't mean that. I'm just cranky. It's the last day of the cycle and. . . ."

"Stein understands. You don't have to apologize, Mistress."

"But I will. I would like to not be a monster, but you aren't a worthless house elf." I smiled at him as best as I could and went to the Floo Room. It was the way we got to King's Cross. It was as easy as pie to me and we were soon on Platform 9 3/4 with the scarlet train before us.

Father kissed the top of my head. "Remember, Jam, go down to Professor Linnigan every full moon for your potion. Don't miss a day or who knows what you might do."

I had to swallow back tears at that. ​Even Father doesn't fully trust me. I put on a cconvincing, fake smile and nodded. Then I grabbed my luggage and went onto the train. I gave them a quick waving off before claiming an empty compartment and soon enough I was sitting down by the window, my head leaning against the glass and my eyes closed. I was so tired. . . .

"Hey, look. It's Jelly."

I opened one of my eyes at the sound of a familiar voice. "Go away, Miles."

Miles was standing at the opening of my compartment with his friends, Bob and Todd. "Oh, look. Jelly must be sick or something. What's wrong, little Jelly?"

That was too much for me. I jumped to my feet and before he could say pork, I had him pinned up against the glass, my hand pulling the front of his shirt up and my fist raised. "Unless you want your pretty little face to have a new bruise, then I recommend you leave and don't come back."

Miles' hazel eyes blinked. I didn't think he thought I would go this far. He raised his hands in surrender. "Whatever you say, Jelly." He slid out of my grip and walked out of the compartment, laughing with his cronies.

I slid back iinto my chair, holding my head in my hands. This was going to be a very long year.

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