The Werewolf and the Wizard

Jamie Fletcher never wanted to be a monster. She simply stayed out an hour too late on the wrong day, and now she's stuck living as only half a human.
Meanwhile, her rival, a Slytherin named Miles Wood, notices she's been acting different. She seems tired and her grades have been slipping lately, which is saying something as that never happens. He decides to investigate. What he discovers may cost him his life, or his humanity.


5. The Beginning of the Last Year

This was the first year that I actually saw the thestrals, which was ironic as it was my last year at Hogwarts. I mean, I had heard stories about them, but I had never actually seen them.

They were beautiful and majestic. Their bodies were like skeletons, but with skin and some sort of hair stretched over it. Their wings were that like unto a bat's. They had faces like some sort of reptile with scales and everything. They redefined beauty. They gave me inspiration. Maybe I could be like them. Maybe, even though people would see me as a monster, I could prove them wrong. Maybe someone would actually like me.

I had to sit in a carriage with Jennie and two other Hufflepuff Third Years, the twins Hadrey and Humfrey. I didn't listen to their conversation for two reasons. The first one was that I had a whole lot on my mind right then. The second reason was that I had no interest to hear Jennie argue with the Third Years that they didn't know everything. It was pretty pointless trying to convince headstrong thirteen year olds, which described practically all of them, that they were wrong about some things. It was like telling a mountain to move. It was impossible.

I ran a hand through my brown hair with a very soft sigh, quiet enough that someone would have to actually be trying to hear it in order to detect it at all. I wished desperately that I could just go back to normal, to not have to worry about when the full moon was, potions that I had to take. . . . It was such a shame the Wolfbane potion hadn't gotten to me in time. If it had, I wouldn't be stuck like this.

When we did get to Hogwarts, it seemed different from the other times I had gone. Usually it seemed so bright, so full of life, so happy. This time it seemed more gray than usual. The music, which could be clearly heard even from where we were, seemed sadder than it should've.  Maybe it was because it was the last day of the cycle, tomorrow being the full moon, and I mostly saw the dark side of things on this day. Yeah, it has to be. No other reason.

I walked quickly to the Great Hall, wanting to sit in the very back of the Hufflepuff table. Those seats were the most vied for on all the tables. In fact, last year Lily Potter, the daughter of the renowned Harry Potter and Ginny Potter, had been hit in the crossfire. Her older brothers, the annoying James and the shy Albus, had been absolutely furious about it.

As the students, years Two through Seven, filed in, I couldn't help but think about my own Sorting Ceremony. It had happened so long ago, comparatively, but I remembered it as clear as a daisy.

"Fletcher, Jamie."

Miles elbowed me. "Good luck, Jelly."

I glared at him before walking up to the stool where the Sorting Hat was. I had always been nervous for this moment when I had first thought about Hogwarts. The Hat covered my eyes, being much to big for my head.

"Hmm. . . . I sense a great mind in this one, yes. Not to mention bravery, and the desire to prove yourself doesn't hurt. There is one quality that I see very strongly in you, young Jamie. With that desire to prove yourself, I also see the ability to work very hard, a quality found mainly in HUFFLEPUFF!"

The hat was removed from my head when my new House was announced. Grinning widely despite the glares from Miles and his friends, I bounced over to the Hufflepuff table.

​It was then I was jerked out from my reverie by the sound of surprised gasps. The Sorting had already gone on and food had appeared on the table. The First Years, and even some of the Second Years, gasped and started laughing happily. It took me lot of effort to even start to enjoy the food. Dessert hadn't even started when I simply couldn't stay. "You know, I'm really tired," I told my friends, who were sitting by me, "so I'm going to head to bed now. Night."

"Night." They replied. I noticed that Jennie had a concerned look on her face before I left. No one noticed in the noise and chaos of the night.

At least, I thought no one had. Naturally, there's that one person who always has to see everything.

I went over to one of the balconies, leaning forward with my elbows braced against the rail. I broke down then, crying over how unfair everything was, how my life was ruined, all that. I was wiping my eyes to dry them when I heard a voice behind me.

"Jelly? Is something wrong?"

I immediately whirled around, thankful that it was dark. It would hide my flushed cheeks, my red and puffy eyes. Standing at the door was none other than Miles. I immediately went on attack mode and snapped, "No. Everything is just super peachy. Why don't you go back to the feast and do something useful?!" With that, I shoved past him and started going back to the common room.

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