The Werewolf and the Wizard

Jamie Fletcher never wanted to be a monster. She simply stayed out an hour too late on the wrong day, and now she's stuck living as only half a human.
Meanwhile, her rival, a Slytherin named Miles Wood, notices she's been acting different. She seems tired and her grades have been slipping lately, which is saying something as that never happens. He decides to investigate. What he discovers may cost him his life, or his humanity.


1. Flashback of the Worst Summer Ever

For me, it all started normally. Except it wasn't. It was anything but.

I had the worst possible summer in the history of bad summers, which is really saying a lot. What happened? I'll give you a brief summary. I don't remember much anyway.

It was June 26. I had just finished a game of Quidditch with my friends. I was the Captain of the Hufflepuff team, so I had to be in tip top shape when season started again.

I should've known that it was the full moon. If I had, I would've flown home as it would be safer. But no, I needed adventure, so I decided to take the way through the dark forest. It was only a mile or two through the forest to my house. What could possibly go wrong?

Only everything.

I wasn't even halfway home when I heard a low growling sound behind me. I didn't react immediately, thinking it was just our neighbor's dog, Ralph. He escaped a lot. When I went a little farther and it continued, then I turned around. "Hello? Is that you, Ralph?"

A shape moved and I knew immediately it was no dog. A wolf crept out of the shadows, its black eyes narrowed. I could see hunger in them. Werewolf! Okay, what do you do? Think, Jamie, THINK! My mind was completely blank, except for one spell: Magna Mortum. It wasn't an Unforgivable killing spell, but even if I had been strong enough to perform it, it wouldn't do much good since my wand was at home.

The Werewolf let out a long, low howl and attacked. I honestly don't really remember much except for a lot of pain and darkness. There was another sound, which ended up actually being Ralph, and that's when my memories end.

My parents say that I was found practically dead with Ralph curled around me to try to keep me alive. Obviously, I didn't die, but even as my final year at Hogwarts began, I was still recovering. I wouldn't miss it for the world, though.

And that's how my horrible summer went.

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