The Werewolf and the Wizard

Jamie Fletcher never wanted to be a monster. She simply stayed out an hour too late on the wrong day, and now she's stuck living as only half a human.
Meanwhile, her rival, a Slytherin named Miles Wood, notices she's been acting different. She seems tired and her grades have been slipping lately, which is saying something as that never happens. He decides to investigate. What he discovers may cost him his life, or his humanity.


3. Does Miles Cause Smiles?

Finally, I get a chance to tell what really happened. Me, Miles Quinton Wood!

Oh, relax, this won't be very evil. I promise you that, and I never break a promise. It would tarnish my pure-blood family name.

Once I had left Jamie's compartment, I decided to get something to eat. Teasing someone could really make someone hungry, after all. My compartment was the one right next to Jamie's; I chose it just for that reason. It's safe to say now that I did sort of have a small crush on her, though I denied it any way that I possibly could then. That was part of why I was always rude to her.

Anyway, I ordered some chocolate frogs, pumpkin juice, and Bertie's Every Flavored Beans. I had just swallowed an earwax flavored bean when I noticed Jennie go into Jamie's compartment. For a moment I wasn't all that concerned - why would the conversation of two girls bother me? - but then I noticed a look of horror on Jennie's face. Interesting.

I was tempted to go back into the other compartment to see what they had been talking about, but then Bob said, "Hey, Miles, what cha starring at?"

"It's staring, Bob, not starring. What does starring even mean?" His brother, Todd, asked.

Bob and his not so bright noggin took a few minutes to answer that. "Well, uh, of course it must mean, well you see it's difficult to explain."

I wasn't really paying attention to them at this point, still watching Jamie and Jennie talk. Maybe if I try to act casual I'll be able to hear. I decided against that immediately. If I was caught or made and embarrassment of myself, I would tarnish the name of Wood.

Now, you may be wondering whether Miles does cause smiles. Well, I will give you an example of something on the train.

I was walking down to the front of the train where the food trolley was when I crashed into Jamie, knocking both of us to the floor. "Watch it, Jelly. You're as clumsy as a dog!"

Jamie's green eyes widened and she ran.

Isn't that funny?

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