Part of your game (Austin Mahone love story)

A new house, new school, new neighborhood. It's not so easy for Julia after her mom's death. She's forced to move to Texas taking care of her baby sister by herself at 17. At her new school is where she finds herself falling for a certain boy... Austin Carter Mahone.


9. ~Chapter 9~

I heard my alarm go off. What time is it? I opened my tired eyes and looked at the clock. 7:00 AM. Another day of school. I should just quit school, I mean I do have a job that I can take Sophia to, I could just work there full time. But I don't want to work there all my life, if I really want to be able to support Sophia, I need to get my diploma and get a real job. I dragged myself out of bed. It feels like I only slept for 5 minutes. Sophia kept waking me up by her cries. I think she just wants attention but I need my sleep! I got in the shower and threw on different clothes from yesterday. I hate working so late when I have to get up early the next morning! It's only for a couple months, I think I can do it. I went outside to warm up the car. Walking back inside, I saw a boy walking out of his house. He looked familiar but I couldn't really think of the name. I know it was one of the boys in Austin's crew. It wasn't Alex, Austin, or Robert. I forgot the other ones name. I guess I'll see later today. I ran back inside realizing he lives there and is leaving for school. I peeked out the window and waited until I couldn't see his car anymore. I grabbed Sophia, her bag, and my bag. I placed her in the carrier and put the bags in the passenger seat. I drove to school and put a blanket over Sophia, looked around before opening the door, and took her out. I quickly carried her to the daycare part of the school. I looked around again and opened the door. 
"Hi" I said to the lady who watches her.
"Good morning Julia, good morning Sophia" She said and smiled at my sister.
"I have to go, but thank you so much for yesterday! I promise you, I will never ever get detention again! Or at least if I do, it will never be my fault" I said.
She laughed.
"It's fine" She said.
I peeked out the door and made sure nobody was in that hall. When no one was there I walked out. Turning the corner I almost had a heart attack.
"Hey Julia!" Jess said.
"Jess! You scared me!" I exclaimed holding my heart.
"Sorry! So where'd you disappear to yesterday?" She asked.
"I had detention" I said.
"Oh that's right! I forgot" She said.
"Oh and Austin?" I said.
"What about him?" She asked.
"I think I met him yesterday" I said.
"If he was rude, obnoxious, cocky, and a jerk, that's the one" She said.
"He wasn't any of those things" I said.
"Then it must not have been him" She replied.
"Oh... well he showed up at my work yesterday and I kind of lied... he was with Alex, Robert, and the other guy. What was his name again?" I asked.
"Zach, is the other one, and seriously? You must be the next target then" She said.
"Target?" I asked.
"Yea, they pick out whatever girl they want, make their move, and change you, I like you the way you are, I don't want them to change you, that's why I keep warning you" She said.
"Oh... but he seems different, not at all how you described him" I said.
"That's how he'll get you, just trust me, he's bad news, they all are" She said.
"Oh... well I'll see you later, I gotta get to English" I said.
"Okay, see ya!" She said and walked the other way.
I walked to my English class and sat down. The bell rung and the teacher closed the door. Alex and Zach weren't here yet. Hopefully they won't come today! I know Zach left and he lives next door to me. That is pretty scary if you ask me. I don't want to have any part of Austin or his crew near me or my sister. The teacher handed out a paper and I heard the door open. I kept my head down knowing it was probably Alex and Zach. I heard their annoying laughs.
"Pass" Mr. Meyer said not amused.
"Don't got one" Alex said and sat down next to me.
"Well go back and get one" The teacher said annoyed.
Alex chuckled as if anything that was being said was funny. Zach however already left to get one.
"Just go" I spoke up annoyed and finally looked at him.
"Okay, okay" He said and put his hands up in defense but didn't move.
"Go" I said shooing him away with my hand.
I saw Natalie in the corner. Woah. Didn't she get suspended? Maybe it was just for the day... I didn't even know she was in this class! Alex got up and walked out the door. As he was leaving, Zach came back with a pass. Zach seems okay. He's the only one who hasn't tried to get me in trouble so far. I wrote a note to ask about Natalie but realized I can't pass it, without risking other people reading it, or getting caught by the teacher. I'll just give it to Alex. He would know more wouldn't he? I waited for him to come back. He didn't for about 10 minutes. He gave the teacher a pass and walked back over to me. I waited for the teacher to turn his attention to the chalkboard, writing something. I handed Alex the note and waited for him to read it. He looked at me confused and scribbled something down and handed it back. I looked up at the teacher and opened it when he wasn't looking. 
'Do you have a girlfriend?' Was in my handwriting.
He replied:
'No, why?'
I wrote:
'Then who is Natalie?' 
I handed it back. 
'My ex why?'
He wrote.
I looked over at her and laughed to myself. Wow...
'She tried to jump me yesterday'
I replied. He looked over at her and shook his head laughing.
"She gets jealous" He whispered.
"I see that" I whispered back.
"Really? Is this going to be an everyday thing? Julia and Alex stop talking or you will both be in detention" Mr. Meyer said.
I didn't say anything because last time I tried to explain, I got detention for talking. I just focused on my work. At least I know why Natalie attacked me yesterday now.

~40 minutes later~

"For a second there I thought you were going to ask me out" Alex said as soon as the bell rang.
"Don't worry, that would never happen in a million years" I said and walked out of the classroom.
"And why is that?" He asked following.
"Because, I find you annoying" I said not holding anything back, just speaking my mind.
"I'm annoying?" He asked.
"Mmhmm" I said.
"How?" He asked smirking.
"You're doing it right now" I said.
"What am I doing?" He asked.
"For one, you are acting dumb, two, you have that stupid smirk, and three, you got me detention yesterday!" I said.
"So you're holding a grudge" He said.
"No I'm not" I said.
"Sounds like it to me" He said.
"I'm not even supposed to be talking to you, just go to class, the bell is going to ring soon" I said.
"That's okay, teachers love me" He said.
"Well they won't if you're always late" I said and walked into my math class.
"Alright I'll see ya later!" Alex said.
"No you won't" I replied and sat down.
He walked out of the class and Robert walked in and sat next to me.
"Hey Jules" He said.
"Julia" I corrected him.
"I know, I was just giving you a nickname" He said.
"Well don't" I said.
"Why are you in such a bad mood?" He asked.
"Why do you keep trying to talk to me? I clearly show no interest" I said.
"Because you're different then the other girls" He said.
"Yeah, that's because I'm not dumb enough to fall for your stupid game" I said.
"What game?" He asked.
"Don't act dumb, just leave me alone" I said.
"Ok..." He said backing off.
"Thank you" I said.
The class started and for once I had peace. I focused on my work and waited for this day to end already.

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