Part of your game (Austin Mahone love story)

A new house, new school, new neighborhood. It's not so easy for Julia after her mom's death. She's forced to move to Texas taking care of her baby sister by herself at 17. At her new school is where she finds herself falling for a certain boy... Austin Carter Mahone.


6. ~Chapter 6~

After we finished lunch we went our seperate ways. I had to go to choir. She had art class. I like singing but I don't know about singing in front of people. I just want to see my baby sister already, and I want Jess to meet her. I haven't told her about Sophia yet, or my story but we just met. I can't tell her yet. I can't introduce her yet. I need to know her better, know that I can trust her before I tell her anything that personal. I'm glad she didn't question me when I told her I live alone. On my way to choir, I saw Alex and Robert and hid my face with my hand and put my head down hoping they won't see me. Lucky for me, they didn't really notice. I walked to the room number. Throughout the day, I've kind of learned how to find the classroom. I figured out the order.
"Hi, I'm new here" I told the teacher.
"What's your name?" She asked.
"Julia Ross" I said.
"Welcome, I am Mrs. Hernandez, you can go have a seat anywhere" She said.
I sat on one of the bleacher seats. A cute boy walked in and all the girls ran up to him. Practically threw themselves at him. Note to self, he's popular with the girls, stay away from him. He sat down on the bleacher directly behind me. The teacher walked in and started the class. First we did vocal warm ups which by the way, were very weird sounding. She gave us these books that had lyrics in it after the warm ups.
"Alright class, please stand again" She said and the class rose from their seats, as did I.
"Open your books to page 75" The teacher said as we turned the pages. 
I felt a breeze on the back of my neck from the guy behind me turning the pages. I just ignored it but then felt a presence standing next to me. That wasn't there before. I looked up and it was the boy that was just behind me. I mentally groaned. Why does he have to come down here? So more girls can try to jump me? I moved over more and I could see he looked confused at me from the corner of my eye. He stayed where he was and the class began to sing as the teacher instructed. I heard a guys voice, it was so smooth, and beautiful. I looked around and realized there was only two guys in here. I am going to guess the voice is coming from the nerd in here, not the popular one. I realized I wasn't singing when the teacher directed her attention at me, and told the class to stop.
"Miss Ross, why aren't you singing like the rest of the class?" She asked.
"I uh I didn't know this song and I wanted to hear it before I started" I lied.
"Oh okay, well let's start over then" She said.
The whole class groaned except for the boy standing next to me. Mrs. Hernandez motioned for us to start singing. I sang quietly as I listened to his voice.
"Ms. Ross, I can't hear you" The teacher said not stopping the class.
I felt my face go red. I sang a little louder and she nodded her head at me to say I was loud enough. I stared at the nerd and realized he wasn't singing but the popular one was. It was his voice! I turned my head away. The boy looked at me and I stopped singing. I looked back at him embarrassed wishing he would not look at me. I turned my attention back to the teacher. That's when I realized me and the boy next to me were the only ones still standing. The girls that ran up to him earlier glared at me and I sat down quickly. I am so annoyed how girls just decide to hate me because the guys they like are paying attention to me. This is the second time this happened! Maybe I should change my classes. Ask the teacher to change them all to the ones Jess has. But then again, it's just for senior year, maybe I can handle it, after all, it's only the first day. 

45 minutes later the bell rung and I stood up and walked towards the door. The boy that stood next to me ran up beside me.
"I like your voice, you shouldn't try to hide it" He said.
"Thanks, but my voice is not good... But yours is amazing" I said.
"You think?" He asked.
"You should be famous with that voice" I replied.
"Thanks" He smiled.
"Yep" I said.
"So what's your name?" He asked and I opened the door.
"Julia, what's your name?" I asked.
I saw Robert, Zach, and Alex walking over.
"I have to go" The boy said and quickly walked away.
Great. He's ashamed to even know me. I went to my locker and got my bag. I walked towards the room where I am supposed to pick up Sophia. I quickly looked around to make sure nobody saw me go in and swung the door and ran in. I stopped at the front desk and realized I have detention. I am just going to tell her.
"Hi, my name is Julia Ross, I'm here to pick up my sister but I have detention, which was not my fault, just saying... but can you please keep her for an hour?" I asked.
"We don't usually do this, but I know your situation, so go ahead" She said.
"It will only be an hour I promise!" I yelled and peeked out the door to make sure no one from my classes were there. 
I got out and walked over to the detention room.
"Name" The detention guy said.
"Julia Ross" I said and sat down.
The guy gave me a paper and pen to write some dumb phrase over and over again. I did this for a while. Then my hand got tired so I took out a paper from my bag and started to draw. I started drawing my baby sister. I miss her, I haven't seen her in almost 8 hours! 
"Nice drawing" Someone whispered.
"Thanks" I said.
Then the person cleared their throat.
"Can I help you?" I whispered back rudely and looked up.
It was the detention teacher. Great. You got to be kidding me.
"Miss Ross, what are you doing?" He asked.
"My hand was hurting" I said.
"So you decided to draw?" He said not believing me.
"Look, I did all the lines you told me to write, I am tired of school, I want to go home, now how much longer do I have to stay in here?" I asked raising my voice a little.
"Like 5 more minutes, where is your paper?" He asked ignoring my attitude.
"Here" I said and shoved it at him.
I put my pencil and paper away in my bag.
"Either start showing respect or get more detention, it's your choice" He said.
"You don't give me detention, the teachers do" I said.
"I am a teacher and I can" He said.
I didn't say anything more so I don't get in trouble. About 4 minutes later we were dismissed. There was only a couple people there. Two girls, 3 boys, and another boy that looked really familiar. It was the boy that sat next to me in choir.
"What are you here for?" He asked after running to catch up.
"Oh now it's okay to talk to me?" I asked annoyed.
"I'm sorry, my friends like to start things" He said.
"It's okay" I said and walked out the door.
"So what were you asking before?" He asked.
"What's your name?" I asked.
"Oh, my name is Austin" He said.
"Austin?" I asked realizing that this was who Jess told me to stay away from. The leader.
"Yea.. why?" He asked.
"I have to go" I said and hurried away. 
Again, I looked around before opening the door. It was safe so I walked in and saw my baby sister playing in a little corner with the teacher who was holding a stuffed animal. Sophia was laughing and smiling. She looked so happy. Maybe this will work.
"Hi" I said and the teacher looked up.
"Ready?" She asked.
"Yep" I said and the teacher stood up.
I picked up Sophia and her baby bag.
"Thank you so much" I said.
"No problem" She replied.
I peeked out the door and saw that nobody was in the hallway. I ran to the doors to go outside and looked before opening it. I adjusted my bag, Sophia's bag, and Sophia in my arms so that nothing would fall, including her. I pushed open the door with my side/back. I put Sophia in the back seat in her carrier, then buckled her in.
"Hey Julia" I heard.
Crap. I quickly threw Sophia's blanket over her carrier. I got out of the back seat and looked up to see who it was. It was Austin.
"Hi" I said and closed the back door.
"Whatcha doing?" He asked.
"Nothing" I said and put my bag and Sophia's bag in the passenger seat.
"What's that?" He asked pointing to the carrier with the blanket covering it.
"It's my um, my, my dad's thing for work, he works in a factory, this is his car" I lied.
"Oh... well I'll see you tomorrow then" He said and walked to his car which was parked a couple spaces down.
I got in the car in the drivers seat. I looked back and quickly took the blanket off the carrier and saw Sophia's face. She was playing with her hands. I think she just discovered them because she's always playing with her hands and trying to eat them. I started the car and drove to my house.

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