Part of your game (Austin Mahone love story)

A new house, new school, new neighborhood. It's not so easy for Julia after her mom's death. She's forced to move to Texas taking care of her baby sister by herself at 17. At her new school is where she finds herself falling for a certain boy... Austin Carter Mahone.


45. ~Chapter 43~

~~I jolt awake and see that I'm still in the same room with Alex, Robert, and Zach. I look through the window and see Austin. Austin!? Did they find him!? How could they have found him?
"Miss Ross" The officer that was at the house said annoyed and came over to me.
"Yes?" I ask quietly.
"You know him don't you?" He asks.
I don't answer and put my head down.
"He tells us you are his girlfriend" He says.
I look up again and over at Austin.
"Officer, he didn't kill Justin" I say with my hands in my head.
"I don't care about that, he is getting a DNA test done, we will have the results in two weeks, I'm just going to ask you something" He says.
"What?" I ask.
"Do you know you could get in serious trouble for lying to a police officer just to protect your boyfriend?" He asks. "This guy could be a dangerous person"
I get angry at his words.
"He's not dangerous! He didn't kill Justin!" I yell angrily.
"We'll see in two weeks" He says and walks away.
They take Alex, Robert, and Zach to get a DNA sample. I guess they need to take it to a lab so they can compare. After a while they let me go home. I tell them I won't leave without Austin but they have to keep him longer since he is the main suspect. I wait for him anyways.
"You didn't have to wait you know" Austin says as we walk out.
A police man drives us back home. Well two officers do since there are 5 of us and only three seats in the back. Since we live next to each other, they take me and Austin home in one car and the others in another. A couple tears roll down my cheeks because of all the events that took place. Austin tells me he did it... Now I need to know why. Why would he do that?

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