Part of your game (Austin Mahone love story)

A new house, new school, new neighborhood. It's not so easy for Julia after her mom's death. She's forced to move to Texas taking care of her baby sister by herself at 17. At her new school is where she finds herself falling for a certain boy... Austin Carter Mahone.


42. ~Chapter 40~

~~Austin wouldn't believe them if they thought I was a murderer so if they accuse him, I refuse to believe it, unless Austin tells me he did it. I trust him. Something is up with him but i don't think he's a murderer. I get up and go walk over to Austin's house. I know he probably doesn't want to talk to me but I need to know. I walk to the side that he went to. I climb up careful where I step and make it to his window. I grab onto the tree next to me for support. I knock on his window. Shortly after, I see the curtain open and i see Austin's face.
"Julia!" He says and opens the window pulling me in. "What are you doing out there?"
"Oh you know, just hanging" I say with a small laugh.
He smiles a little but my face turns serious causing his to also.
"Austin" I say.
"If you saw the news-" I cut him off.
"I didn't" I lie.
"You didn't?" He asks.
"No" I lie again.
I don't know why I'm lying but for some reason the words just come out.
"Oh good" He says.
"Why? What's on the news?" I ask.
"Nothing really" He says.
I feel my face burn up. Why wouldn't he tell me? We sat on his bed and he pulled me closer to him. After about an hour i spoke. More like mumbled but he could still hear me.
"Did you do it?" I ask very quietly.
He looks at me.
"What?" He asks nervousness showing clear in his voice.
"Did you kill him?" I say still not looking at him.
He takes his arm off of me and stands up.
"You lied to me!" He yells.
"So did you!" I shoot back looking at him.
"I-" I cut him off before he could say anything.
"Did you do it?" I ask again looking away from him.
If he did do it, I don't want to know but i need him to tell the truth.
"The truth Austin" I say firmly and look at him again.
He doesn't answer me though. He doesn't say anything, just leaves his room slamming the door behind him. I know Michelle isn't home because her and my dad were gone doing something together. I realized that after i found a note that he left. So he took Sophia along. I follow.
"I won't judge you, I just want the truth" I say looking down at him from the top of the staircase while he was at the bottom.
He shakes his head a little bit before answering.
"Yes" He says and walks out of the house.

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