Part of your game (Austin Mahone love story)

A new house, new school, new neighborhood. It's not so easy for Julia after her mom's death. She's forced to move to Texas taking care of her baby sister by herself at 17. At her new school is where she finds herself falling for a certain boy... Austin Carter Mahone.


36. ~Chapter 34~

~~I leave the office despite all of the principal's questions being thrown at me. I don't know where to go now, they were never here! Then he must have got him on the way to school! I need clues! I need Jess to help me! I run to her classroom and try to enter but the teacher locked the door... maybe she saw me coming. I run back to the principal's office.
"I need you to call Jessica Mahone out of class" I say.
"Why?" She asks.
"She's Austin's brother, she can help find him!" I say.
The principal thinks about it for a moment but takes the phone and talks on the speaker.
"Jessica Mahone, please report to the main office, Jessica Mahone please report to the main office" She says and puts it back down.
"Thank you!" I say.
"This better not be a joke!" She says.
"It's not!" I say and leave the office waiting for Jess. "There you are!"
"Hold on, the principal just called me in" She says but I stop her from going in.
"I asked her to. I need your help, Austin, Alex, Robert, and Zach are in danger" I say.
"What do you mean? Why do you keep saying that?" She asks.
"The guy who kidnapped me isn't here and neither is any of them! You connect the dots!" I say and drag her out to my car.
"Where are you going?" She asks.
"I don't know!" I say and just drive.
I decide to just drive the way he would take to school but we get no trace of him!
"Come on, let's just call the police" Jess says now worried.
"They won't do anything, unless we have proof, I already called" I said.
It's true, I did call earlier when I first figured out why no one was here.
~Hours later~
I missed my shift at work, but I did call in to let them know. I think I should quit now that my dad is here. He can support me, he makes a lot. But I would miss Caleb a lot.
"Julia, we should go home, it's late" Jess says sadly.
"What if he's not there? What if he's being tortured right now? Or worse, what if he's dead?" I ask.
"I'm sure he's okay" She says.
I drive her back home to see if he's there yet. He isn't. My dad makes me come inside.
"This is all your fault!" I yell at my dad and run to my room.
"What happened?" He asks Michelle who was at my house.
I heard her explaining what happened. My dad sighs loudly. If I can hear it upstairs, it's loudly! I hear his footsteps coming up the stairs.
"Julia?" He asks as he knocks lightly.
"Go away!" I yell through my tears.
Currently i'm on my bed letting my pillow soak in all the tears.
"I didn't kno-" He starts but I cut him off.
"Go away!" I yell again.
"How is it my fault!?" He yells back through the door.
"Because if you would've just let us be, we would've went to school together and he wouldn't be gone! Or at least I would have been with him!" I yell again.
"If you were with him, I would've lost you too!" He says.
"At least I would be happy" I shoot back.
I hear my dad sigh and walk back down the stairs. I don't care, all I know is I miss Austin and I can't let him get hurt! I eventually cry myself to sleep.

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