Part of your game (Austin Mahone love story)

A new house, new school, new neighborhood. It's not so easy for Julia after her mom's death. She's forced to move to Texas taking care of her baby sister by herself at 17. At her new school is where she finds herself falling for a certain boy... Austin Carter Mahone.


33. ~Chapter 31~

~~I stop struggling as I stare at him harder. I can't believe he would do this! I don't even know him! Why would he be in my house? How does he know where I live? All these questions continue to flood my mind as I try to stand up. Maybe if I could just get this back door open I could jump out. I don't even know where we are driving to. I try to unlock it with no luck. It must be stuck! I sit and again try to get the rope off of my wrists. I pull one side out of the other and feel relief as the rope drops down. I leave the mouth thing on in case he looks back at me, then I can pretend I'm still tied up. I watch him as I continue trying to open the door. I finally feel it push open a bit and I brace myself. I open it to see where we are. We are on a highway! I don't know how I'm supposed to jump out into oncoming traffic!? I guess I am going to have to wait until we are off the highway. I keep the door open but very little just so it doesn't get stuck again, I don't want to miss my chance! I wait until I feel the van stop and look up front. We are stuck in traffic! This is great! I open the doors quietly and jump out. I start to run towards the right side of the highway where the shoulder is. I keep running but look back to see that the van was pulled over. I start frantically screaming.
"Help!" I yell as I pass some of the cars backed up in traffic. I see a police on a motorcycle on the other side of the freeway. I start to make my way passed the cars being careful as they were moving even though it wasn't a fast pace. I heard the running footsteps behind me and my heart dropped when the police officer sped away leaving me absolutely helpless and defenseless. Here there were 3 guys chasing me and not in the good way! I kept running though. I wasn't going to give up that easily. I saw another car park on the shoulder. I hope they are doing so to help me! I look over and realize it's Austin. I run over as fast as I can and hug him tightly.
"Get in the car" He orders.
I do as he tells me and get in. I see him lock the doors before closing it. The guys who were chasing me came over to the shoulder also. I see Austin throw the first punch causing the guy with the familiar eyes stumble back but not really phasing him as he snaps back into reality and punches Austin. I start to scream at him although he can't hear me as Austin falls. I watch Robert and Alex fighting with the same guy and Zach fighting with the other one. Austin doesn't get up. He doesn't even move. I start to panic so I get Austin's phone that I saw laying on the front seat. I dial 911 and tell them everything that happened. They told me they got a call earlier from Austin saying the same thing but I told them our location even though I wasn't quite sure where we were. I soon hear a siren and see a couple police on motorcycles coming closer and closer. I see the guys start to run back to their van. They get in and start to cut through all the cars. I get out of Austin's car and run over to him seeing his lip and nose are bleeding. What was this guy in? How could he get knocked out in one hit?! Austin's punch didn't even phase him!
"Austin. Austin wake up!" I say and shake him a couple times.
One officer comes over to us to file a report as the other police go chasing after the van. I tell her what happened and see Austin's eyes open. I can see a slight bruise forming over his eye. I smile at him a little. My hero! If he wasn't there who knows where I would've been! I hug him even though I still remember what Jess told me earlier. He saved me, I love him for that and I always will! Alex drives us to my house. They go to Austin's house to tell Michelle and Jess what happened. I took him to mine to get him cleaned up after learning he has no rubbing alcohol at his house. I take him into my bathroom and make him sit on the toilet seat. He sits there waiting as I get out two bandages and some alcohol wipes. I make him look up and I give him a towel to squeeze onto. I wipe the blood with the alcohol wipe then look to his hands which are squeezing the towel causing his knuckles to turn white. I wince as I feel his pain. I quickly wipe it away and make sure it's clean before putting the bandage on his cheek where he also got cut. I put another bandage on his chin that was scratched open. I can't do anything about his bloody lip except clean it off and wait for it to heal. I try to ease the pain on his eye but I can tell I'm just hurting him more so I stop.
"Thank you" I finally say.
"For?" He asked standing up after I was finished.
"Saving me" I say.
"It was nothing" He says.
"Austin, you got knocked out!" I laugh.
He just does a half smile and leans in closer to me. I close the space and allow our lips to connect. I pull away when I realize I'm only human and I still need to breathe.
"Thank you for cleaning me up" He says and we walk out of the bathroom.
You know, I don't have a normal story and I probably never will. It isn't normal, I mean who gets their first real kiss with their boyfriend in a bathroom because she just cleaned off his bloody cuts? Yea, exactly. No one!

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