Part of your game (Austin Mahone love story)

A new house, new school, new neighborhood. It's not so easy for Julia after her mom's death. She's forced to move to Texas taking care of her baby sister by herself at 17. At her new school is where she finds herself falling for a certain boy... Austin Carter Mahone.


25. ~Chapter 23~

~~I try hitting him with my free hand. When that doesn't work, he gets closer and closer to the door, I sit down. If I sit, he can't make me walk. And if he tries to carry me, he'll have to release my wrist first, that will be my chance to run, but I doubt he'll try to carry me after the last time he did that! He turns to see why it's gotten harder to drag me and sees me sitting on the floor not looking at him but looking pretty pissed.
"Get up" He orders.
I stay on the floor. He doesn't release my wrist but makes his grip tighter.
"Get up" He says again.
I stand up thinking it's better to just listen instead of loosing circulation. He does the opposite of what I was expecting and holds my wrist even tighter which causes it to turn white.
"Austin you're hurting me" I finally say.
"Oh so now you want to talk to me?" He asks.
I look away so I don't have to look at him and don't say anything.
"Look at me" He says loosening his grip and using his other hand to lift my chin.
I could see he felt regret when I finally looked at him. It was clear written all over his face.
"What?" I say as I stare coldly into his eyes.
Robert was wrong, he would hurt me. He just did.
"I'm sorry I had to do that, but I needed to get you to talk to me. Now why are you ignoring me?" He asks.
"You didn't have to do that" I say and turn on my heel.
I hear him walking towards me and out of fear I run to class. He can't hurt me if there's people around... can he?

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