Part of your game (Austin Mahone love story)

A new house, new school, new neighborhood. It's not so easy for Julia after her mom's death. She's forced to move to Texas taking care of her baby sister by herself at 17. At her new school is where she finds herself falling for a certain boy... Austin Carter Mahone.


20. ~Chapter 19~

~~I jump up from my sleep when I hear my blaring alarm clock. I search for my phone to turn it off. I tilt my neck to the side and stretch. Who knew sleeping on a couch could be so uncomfortable! I stand up and look for my dad. I haven't seen him or Sophia since last night. I didn't hear Sophia cry either.
"Dad!" I yell as I walk into one of the rooms.
Looks like he didn't get the furniture yet. He is holding Sophia sitting up and sleeping. Looks uncomfortable.
"Dad" I say and shake him.
He opens his eyes.
"Oh good morning" He says and closes his eyes again.
"Dad I need you to get the furniture today" I say.
"What about Sophia?" He asks knowing I have school.
"They have a daycare, I'll just keep taking her there, you probably have to work too" I say.
"Oh yea!" He says and gets up.
"Can you get the stuff before you go?" I ask.
"Okay" He says.
"Thanks" I say walking out with Sophia.
"Did you have breakfast?" He asks walking out after me.
"No, I'm not hungry" I say.
"Okay" He says.
"Well I'm going to get ready for school!" I say and go into my room that I put all my stuff in already except the big stuff obviously.
I throw this on and brush my hair. I put Sophia in the car and get in the drivers seat. I drive to my school and take Sophia to the daycare.
"See you later babe" I say to Sophia before I leave the room.
She doesn't pay attention to me as she's already playing with the girl that takes care of her. I walk out and go to my locker to put my bag in. So far I haven't had any homework which I'm happy about!
"Hey Julia" I hear and turn my head to the right behind my locker.
"Oh hey Jess" I say.
"So yesterday was fun" She smiles.
"Yea, it was" I say, smile, and turn my head back to my locker and close it when I'm done.
"Are you doing anything after school?" She asks.
"Just working" I say.
"I thought you quit" I heard and turned around to see Austin.
"I got my job back" I say and turn back to Jess.
"Well don't wanna be late!" I say and hurry off.
I wait outside the door to 1st period. The teacher finally lets me in and everybody else piles in and heads to their seats. Alex sits next to me, in his seat and the teacher starts talking.
"Today we will be-" I zone out.
I usually do this. I don't really think of anything, I just don't pay attention to anything.
"Julia, what do you think about this?" Mr. Meyer asks.
I snap out of it and mentally facepalm myself. I should have at least listened to what he asked.
"I think it's good" I say.
"You think it's good to have bad grammar?" He asks.
"You didn't let me finish," I started. "I meant, I think it's good, that many people don't have bad grammar"
"Alright Julia, since you're still new here, I'll let this one go, but you better start paying attention" He says.
Great, he saw right through me.
"Sorry, Sir" I say and listen now to what he says.

45 minutes later I walk out of the classroom and to my next class, math. Meaning I'll be seeing Robert. Great. Note my sarcasm. I sit down and wait for the class to start.
"Hey" He says and sits next to me.
"Hi" I reply.
"Did you see Austin yet?" He asks.
"Yea why?" I ask.
"Just asking, I wanna talk to him" He says.
"Oh" I say.
The class starts and as usual it's boring. I wonder what he wants to talk to Austin about and why he's asking if I've seen him? We're not exactly friends.

After math finished I got up and started walking down the hall to my next class.
"Me and Alex are back together" I hear and turn my head to see Natalie.
"Okay" I say and roll my eyes.
She pushes me up against the lockers.
"Don't roll your eyes" She says but doesn't let go, she just continues staring coldly at me.
"You have a serious problem" I reply and push her off causing her to fall.
I walk away ignoring the looks I get from other people.

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