Part of your game (Austin Mahone love story)

A new house, new school, new neighborhood. It's not so easy for Julia after her mom's death. She's forced to move to Texas taking care of her baby sister by herself at 17. At her new school is where she finds herself falling for a certain boy... Austin Carter Mahone.


15. ~Chapter 15~

~~Julia's POV:

I have three days off work every week. Fortunately, today is one of those days. I turn on music for Sophia. My music of course because like what mothers always dream, i want my sister to grow up and be like me. Im a lot like my dad. Not much my mom, she was too gullible. My dad taught me to be strong, smart, and he taught me self defense. He loved me, he also loved Sophia, even though he never knew her. I hope to find him. He just vanished one day. It wasnt like him, that was a year ago. Close to my moms due date for Sophia. I miss my mom a lot but im just glad Sophia was born before she died or i would have no one. I still have hope that my dad will soon return but that hope is slowly dying. I know that if he returned, he would find our house crushed and in shambles, so i left him a note. Somewhere only he would know. My note said something along these lines.

~Dear dad, im writing this in hopes you'll return someday and find it. As you can see the house has collapsed. There was an earthquake. Sophia and I are okay, i wish i could say the same for mom. She's gone. It was instant, so she wasnt in any pain. If you do find this, i will be living in Texas. Please, try to find me.~

I remember crying when i wrote that. I was in a very emotional state, just losing my mother, her friends trying to put my sister in foster care, my dad having disappeared, and to top it all off, i had no idea what i was going to do. After all, i am only 17.

I dont know why but i think of Austin. I cant stop thinking about him and what Jess said. I dont want to lose Jess as a friend. Or even Austin, but if she feels that strongly about me hanging out with him, i dont think i should. I mean, she was only trying to protect me right? She would know him better, he is her brother.

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