Part of your game (Austin Mahone love story)

A new house, new school, new neighborhood. It's not so easy for Julia after her mom's death. She's forced to move to Texas taking care of her baby sister by herself at 17. At her new school is where she finds herself falling for a certain boy... Austin Carter Mahone.


13. ~Chapter 13~

The bell rung to dismiss us from lunch and I stood up and threw out their trash and put the trays in their place. Next is choir, which I have with Austin. 
"Walk with me" Austin said and held my hand as we walked.
"We are going to class right?" I asked.
"Yeah, but don't tell anybody I'm in choir..." He said.
"They don't know?" I asked laughing.
"No, and I want to keep it that way" He said.
"But you have an amazing voice!" I exclaimed.
"Shh!" He said, put his hand over my mouth, and pulled me into a corner.
"What?" I asked.
"Please don't tell anyone" He begged.
"Why don't you want anyone to know?" I asked.
"Because I need to keep my reputation" He said.
I pulled my hand back and looked at him.
"What?" He asked.
I scoffed and walked to class by myself. He followed and kept asking 'What?' or 'What did I say?' I sat down on the bleacher and soon saw him walk in and sit next to me. I moved down to the part of the bleacher where the nerd guy was.
"Hi!" I said and smiled.
"Hi" He said and waved a little.
Austin came down and sat on the other side of me.
"Can you not sit here? I'd rather not be near you right now" I said.
"What did I say that was soo bad?" He asked.
The teacher started talking.
"I'll tell you later" I said.

Austin's POV:

Why is she so mad at me? I was about to win the bet, she was so into me! What did I say? To be honest, it's not just about the bet, I really do like her but I also do like the sound of $150! If I don't win the bet in a month, I owe all of them $50! Well it's only the first day of the bet, so I shouldn't be worried, I mean she likes me right? I'm not so sure about right now.... unless... unless she's playing hard to get... hmm.

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