a short, true story about how it feels to lose something very important to you


1. firstly


i will not tolerate any hate for this story.


it might seem overdramatic to some people, but this is a story of something that practically ruined my life.

i'm only posting this as a sort of release and way to get it out.

because as they say "it helps if you talk about it."


so i'm finally talking about it.


this is about my dog. whom died october 26th, 2012.

death can hurt immensely whether it's human or not.


i was depressed for a few weeks. cried every night. i got mad at the God Himself up above. but don't we all do this when we lose someone/something important to us?


but let me tell you reader, it does get better. she may just be a memory now, but she's still a big part of my life i will never forget. i took her for granted, unfortunately. but i learned my lesson.


i think everyone was effected.

this day, dear reader, was the first time i saw the members of my family cry.

but it doesn't stop at us humans.

my other dog, whom is named hunter, also knew.

for days, he would sniff her old crate. i know it's possible for animals to experience depression; and i've seen it.


this is the story on how animal deaths can truly effect you. it can cause depression. it can ruin your life. but it can also make you appreciate things you've taken for granted.


as i said, it does get better. because if it didn't, i wouldn't be writing this story.

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