Love Runs Out

I never thought I would meet him... I never really thought someone would be like me... I guess it just goes to show if your time is going to run out it better run out with someone who has the same time limit as you.


2. Chapter 2

"Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you! Happy birthday dear Charlie, happy birthday to you!" I heard my family yell as they walked into my bedroom. I groaned and tried to hide underneath my blanket, trying to act as though they weren't there and trying to fall back asleep but that didn't last as my four year old brother James started jumping up and down on my bed.

"Come on Charlie!" He yelled and I sighed and decided to get up. I pulled my blanket down and grabbed my brother and pulled him into a hug and started to kiss his forehead and he started to squirm trying to get out of my grip.

"Ew, girl cooties! Mommy get her to let me go!" He yelled and I just laughed and let him go and he quickly jumped off my bed as he continuously rubbed his forehead with the neck of the shirt he was wearing. My parents and I just laughed at my brother.

"Happy birthday sweetie." My mom said sweetly as she set a tray on my lap that had a huge stack of pancakes with whipped cream, with a burning candle on top. I closed my eyes and made a wish, my parent just smiled knowing I would never ever tell them what I wished for. I was always a secretive person because I had always thought against our government and I knew people knowing would only put me and the people I love in danger. 

My wish had been the ability to live forever. It was the only thing I wanted because I hated how the government had decided they could control our lives. I hated knowing that the end of my life could be ended that easily at the push of a button. I had heard of a way to be able to live forever, and I've been doing research on it since I was ten. So that's what I was going to do, I was going to live forever an be able to decide when I want to die. 

"I'm so excited for you honey, it's your eighteenth birthday. You finally get to go out to the world on your own." My dad said with tears in his eyes. The thing about turning eighteen in this time of the world is that when you do you have to leave your house. You can't come back either, you can get together with your family outside of your house but legally you are not allowed to step foot in your house again. 

"I know dad, I'm gonna miss you too." I said as a tear slipped down my face as I hugged my dad. I then hugged my mom but the hardest part was saying bye to James. We hadn't told James yet that I would never be able to come into the house again. The best we could come up with days before my birthday was that I was going a trip.

"Charlie, mommy and daddy said you were going away." James said coming up to me sadly. I quickly pulled him into a hug dreading the words that were going to come out of my mouth next. 

"I am James, but don't worry I'll be back though I promise." I said and I felt James hug me tighter and I felt him start to sob slightly.

"But I don't want you to go." He sobbed into my chest. I pulled him tighter and tried my best to try and stay strong for him.

"James I promise you, I'll be back but I need to go out on my own for a while. I promise, and you know me I never break a promise." I said pulling him out of the hug to look at me. He sniffled a little bit and nodded his head. "I love you James."

"I love you too." He said smiling, I smiled and felt slightly better. My mom took James out of the room and told him that I needed to get ready, my dad followed as they left my room and I started to pack the essentials of what I needed. I packed all my clothes and all my bathroom supplies and put them into my suitcase. I said a final goodbye to my family and I gave my house one last look over, and then walked out. 

Walking down the sidewalk I saw the faces of the neighbors I grew up with waving at me as I walked past. I had so many memories here, I didn't know how I was going to say goodbye, but I had to in order to keep my family safe. If I was able to pull off my plan, I would be able to live forever and maybe help my family live forever as well. I was focused on waving when I felt myself bump into someone. I fell on my butt my suitcase falling and spilling open scattering my belongings across the sidewalk. But before I could get angry at the person I was met with a pair of stunning emerald eyes. I looked up and saw a head of fiery red hair.

"Sorry about that, I guess my head's not in the right space. I didn't see you there." He said and I was still focused on this strange but very attractive man. He had on a ripped band shirt and he wore a leather jacket over top of it. He had paired it with a pair of black skinny jeans that had a rip on his right knee. But the thing I couldn't stop looking as was his eyes, I had never seen such green eyes in my life, and I felt as if I was in a trance when I looked into them.

"Oh sorry, it's my fault I should've been looking where I was walking." I said quickly snapping out of my trance and quickly trying to put my belongings back in my suitcase. I looked and saw he was trying to do the same thing as me and I laughed slightly. Once I had finished mine I went and started helping him with his stuff, and the first thing I had picked up were a pair of Ninja Turtle boxers. He saw what I had and I saw his pale complexion start to redden and he quickly grabbed the boxers and shoved them into his bag.

"I guess you turned eighteen as well?" He asked once his suitcase was finally re-packed.

"Yeah just turned eighteen today, I'm guessing the same for you?" I said as he helped me off the sidewalk, and I dusted off my butt and picked up my suitcase so I could roll it along the sidewalk again.

"Yeah, I turned eighteen about a week ago. I've been struggling though trying to find a place to stay." He said awkwardly scratching the back of his neck. I couldn't help but feel bad for him, he has been eighteen for a week and he still doesn't have a place to stay. I knew I was going to regret what I was about to say next but I couldn't just leave him here alone.

"Well if you want, I bought a house a while ago so I had a place to stay when I left. So you could come and stay with me for a bit while you try and find a place to stay." I said kindly and I saw his face light up slightly. He immediately started to shake his head yes and I couldn't help but giggle at how excited he had gotten.

When we arrived at the house Michael immediately went and got himself comfortable. He left his suitcase at the front door and went and lied down on my couch in my living room. My house wasn't super big, the kitchen and living room all flowed together and there was a dining room in between the two. It was an open floor plan for the bottom level and the second floor held two bedrooms, and one and a half bathrooms and a laundry room. It was small but it was enough for just me, and Michael at the moment.

"Michael I'll bring your stuff up, you can sleep of you want it's late anyways. If you want to sleep on the couch tonight that's fine the spare bedroom isn't even made up anyways." I said and when I looked over I saw that Michael had already fell fast asleep on the couch. I laughed silently and brought his stuff into the spare bedroom and then looked at the time and saw it was about five at night. I had decided to just go to bed now because sleep is my favourite ting ever and it hit me how tired I really was.

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