racer in disguise

My name is Q. Well, its Quest, and I'm a racer. I've always loved to race and it was my fave thing in the whole world! The only thing with racing, you had to be a guy. I was a girl and always put ducktape on my chest to look like a guy and put on a wig. Soon, in one of my races, I meet a guy on the track and, he's the one and only, Mikel. The famus baseball player. Did I menchion i was a famus racer? Well, I am. Anyway, a bunch of drama hops into my life after i meet Mikel. Thats really it. :3


1. racing and friends

I love the wind in my face. The sound of the tires streaking. Theres nothing about racing i dont like, nor love. Its just, racing was my dream ever since I was 10. But, now that I think about it, there is something I do hate about racing. You had to be a boy. I was a girl named Quest but everyone called me Q. But anyway, today I was racing in one of my most important race ever. But, something happend. I was racing and saw someone on the road. I drove around him and made a donut arount him. He jumped in my ride without even saying anything.

" what are you doing! "  I said in my boy voice,

" go!! " he said pointing to the road.

I looked behind us and yes, the other racers where close to us. I gasped like the little girl I was and started to drive. He looked really like someone I knew. But, I couldnt make it out.

" so... why did u hop into my ride man? " I said, again in my boy voice,

" well... ya see, my ex, yelled at me and then pushed me off the clift. " he said sad,

" oh my god, " I said in my girl voice,

" wait a minute, YOUR THE RACER IN DISGUISE!! " he said really loudly so EVERYONE COULD HEAR HIM!!

" no I'm not the racer in disguise! " I said with the boy voise.

I was REALLY GLAD THAT WE WHERE IN FIRST PLACE!!! There wasnt really anyone around us and we where in a nomal racing car with a roof so one could hear us. I hope. He didnt talk after that and neather did I. Soon I crossed the finish line in first place. I went out of my racing car and so did he. 

" please! Take off your helmet!! " said a repoter

All I did was grab my tropthy and walk out. They where yelling and screaming.

" please! At least stand in the first place circle! " said another repoter

" Dont tell me what to do! I got the first place tropthy and thats all. Take pics if you want I dont care because I'm walking out. " I said all mean and boyish.

It all went quiet and I started to walk away with my tropthy. Then remembered I owned the car. I got in my race car and drove back home. When I did I had my helmet in my arm and and someone grabed my arm. I looked back and it was the guy I met at the track.

" I knew it was you. " he said with a smerk on his face. I sighed and looked at him in the eyes.

" who... are you? " I said making it sound like it wasnt a question.

" cant you tell? I'm Mikel! The famus baseball player! And your, famusly cute! " he said. I kinda blushed.

" what do you want!?! " i said

" I want, you " he said

" I have a boyfriend! " I said

Even tho he WAS kinda cute, and I did think he was nice. Then before he could say anything my boyfriend showed up.

" hi cutie, " he said

His name was Comet and I was getting tired of him. He was a cute red head and ever since we became bf and gf, he was always bragging and saying that I was his girlfriend. Wich, I hated. He had a couple of bautey marks. He had a nice smile but still, I was getting sick, tired, what ever you want to say, of him.

" hmm? " said Mikel

" its nothing. And, hi Comet. I need to see mikel inside for a sec. " i said.

I grabed Mikel's arm and dragged him inside.

" what up? " he said

" I'm braking up with comet. " I said

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