The Perfect Teenage Experience

This is the story of 13 year old Ava's adventures of being a teenager, and her dreams of how the real world would work if everything went her way.


2. Back to School

My birthday is August 28, which happened to be right before the first day of school. 


As I walked through the bright hallways, loads of people were calling my name, "Happy Birthday, Ava!" or "Nice Hair!" I smiled at most people that made eye contact with me, and the other times I said hi. Last night, since I turned 13, my mom let me get purple streaks in my blonde hair, and I was wearing a pink miniskirt with a flowy white shirt. 

"But why not?" I screamed in fury at my mom in the kitchen.

"Because, Ava. You aren't a grown up. I'm not going to let you dye your hair."

I groaned and walked out onto the bus. My mood was reflected by the beige lockers and dark brown floor tiles. I was so embarrassed by my super awkward party last night, and my hair was in a messy, low ponytail. As I met my new locker, 341, I set up all of my books and things, and I found Avery staring at my clothes. 

"Hey, Ava. Wanna hang after school?"

"Nice trash bag, Allie." She snickered to herself. 

Thanks, but I don't think I could ever beat yours.

"It's Ava." I looked down at my awkwardly long pink skirt and frowned as she walked away. 

Every class on the first day of school was the same. Reading rules, giving out materials, books, and signing up for extra school clubs and things like that. When we got to lunch, there was an area where you could join any of the student made club. I saw Chad walking up to the math club booth. Although I was a little skeptical of this, I walked up to the booth, and picked up a pen. Just then, I realized that Chad was only talking to one if his friends at the booth, and wasn't signing. I couldn't just leave though. Then, people would know that I was only following him because I liked him. So, I was stuck there, signing up for a math club that I never even wanted to be in. 





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