How to be the perfect slytherin

This story tells you only a few useful things. There is more to someone than what you usually think, Rule's are meant to be broken, and how to be a perfect Slytherin. Aquila Roddenwood is the one who will teach you these things. Stick with her and you'll know her story, her life, and understand her ways.


1. My life

  What do you think when someone says the name Slytherin? Evil? Perhaps you think of Voldemort and his followers. Whatever it is, it's most likely not good.

  That's where your wrong. Slytherins are often misunderstood. Maybe that's why most of them do turn into death eaters. They are told they are bad for half of their lives, they start believing it. That isn't the case for all of them though. It isn't for me. I genuinely am evil. It's not some lie that I've been told so many times I started to believe it. It isn't just an act so that I can fit in. It's real.

  You may have been told that to be a good Slytherin you have to be evil. That's only partly true. I will tell you the truth. This is how to be the perfect Slytherin. This is my life.

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