The Run

Young Aria is stuck in the middle of a fight between two covens. How will she escape? Will she escape alone? Read and find out.


2. Chapter 2

As I enter the school building I spot the hooded figure again standing at the end of the hall way. I look around to see if anyone is looking at him too but when I look back to him hes gone. I shake my head and wonder when the constant disappearing and reappearing will stop. "Aria!!" I hear my best friend Lotus shout. "He Lotie" I smile as she approaches with a spring in her step. "Guess who is the luckiest girl in the Junior class??? ME that's who" She giggles. "And why would that be Miss Leprechaun," I say with a hint of sarcasm. "Because Miss Smartass, Devon Winters decided that he wanted to get into MY pants this week" She squeals. "Oh good grief not him," I roll my eyes. Devon Winters is the most sexually active teenager in the universe. As I turn to open my locker all the lights in the entire school go out.  

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