The Run

Young Aria is stuck in the middle of a fight between two covens. How will she escape? Will she escape alone? Read and find out.


1. Chapter 1

I run down the street, fear fueling my adrenaline as i dodge the other people walking. I look back to see if the mages had gone and I end up running into someone. "ooofff."  I look up to a hooded man and i run across the street dodging cars in attempt to escape the scary man's stare. I finally reach my apartment which was danger proofed by my parents before they dissapeared. Oh, I forgot to mention, I'm a witch. A good one no worries, i have the power of beauty and the moon. I also can manipulate water since the moon controls the tides. But my power is the most coveted and dangerous one there is. The power of beauty controls love and passion and can control peoples minds. That is why I am constantly on the run










A/N:   Hey everyone comment on what you think so far!!! -Mariah

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