War Never Ends Quietly 2 (WNEQ 2)

This Is A Prequel To War Never Ends Quietly. This Is Africa Oakley And His Man Must Face The Odds.... AGAIN


2. The New Guy 1943

New Guy: First Class Tank Commander Oakley?

Oakley: Maybe Who The Fuck Are You?

New Guy: Im Private Diego I Was Told To Meet You, Im Your New Assistant Driver.

Oakley: No You Are Not!

Diego: Yes! Yes I Am!

Oakley: God Damn It! Fuck!

Diego: W-Witch Tank Is It?

Oakley:Over There! Lucy Sue Is Its Name!

Diego: Ok

Diego Meets His Fellow Crew Mates

Hi! Hi! M-My Name Is Diego, Witch Way Is The Front?

Bryan: Hmm Witch Way Is The Front? All 'Round Us Kid This Is Africa We Are Covered By Kruats!

Me: Where You From?

Diego: Im From-

Me: Hey Hush Up No One Gives A Fuck 'Bout Where You From!

Bryan: HeHeHe!

Oakley: We Move Out In Fifteen Seb Restock Ammo And Rations Bryan You Too Jahvere Water And Gas!

All Of Us: Sir Yes Sir!

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