War Never Ends Quietly 2 (WNEQ 2)

This Is A Prequel To War Never Ends Quietly. This Is Africa Oakley And His Man Must Face The Odds.... AGAIN


1. Introduction 1943

Me: Did You See 'em ?

Oakley: Shot Him In The Eye

Bryan: Jahvere Stop Give Him Rest

Jahvere: Hm Hm

Oakley: Jahvere He's Dead He's Dead! Show Some Respect Leave Him Alone

Lets Go Of Jorge's Hand

Me: He's Your Fault!

Oakley: God Damn It! Ain't You Done Yet?!

Me: You Ain't Got No Right To Fuckin' Sore With Me Quit Fuckin' Riding Me!

Oakley: I Ain't Riding You, If Was Riding You'd Know It More Where He Came From!

Me: Hey Fuck You Oakley! Your Fuckin' Fault We Here!

Are You Still Talkin' ? Lets Get Out Of Here!

Oakley Kicks Me In The Ribs

Me: Ah! Fuck! The Fuck You Do That For I'm Tryin' To Fix The Tank?

The Tank Was Damaged In The Engine

Oakley: You Know Why! Seb!

Me: You Wanna Fuckin' Whup Me?! And It Won't Fuckin' Help Anything?!

Oakley: Cause You An Animal! A Dog All You Understand Is The Fist And Boot!

Me: Oakley Im Tellin' You Right Now! You Don't Fuckin' Call Me That! I Ain't A Fuckin' Animal! I Ain't A Fuckin' Dog!

Engine Starts Again, But Sprays Sparks At My Face

Me: Son Of A Bitch! Damn That Hurt!

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