Addicted To You

This story is about a girl named Mali (Not Mali Koa, I just really love the name) When she gets into USC she meets her roommate/ best friend Cheryl and Cheryl's brother's roommate, Luke. Luke has a bad reputation and a naughty Ex. But Mali has nothing to lose. What happens when she falls for him?


2. Chapter Two

Mali's POV:


      The first day of collage, I was at USC. I walked down the cobblestone sidewalk and looked at my map. I turned and saw that I was at my house. I walked up to my room. It was just perfect. It had a window with a beautiful view and two beds. The girl that I was guessing was my roommate stepped out of the bathroom. 

    “Hi my name is cheryl.”

    “Hi my name is Mali.” 

I look at Cheryl, she has beautiful red hair and white porcelain skin. Her hair is down and to her shoulders. I suddenly feel self-conscious. I was never the skinny girl and here was Cheryl in a bikini ready body. She smiled at me and I could tell we would be fast friends.

    “Do you want to visit my brother with me?” She asked.

    “I’d love to!” I replied.

    On the way to her brothers room she told me about herself. She lived in L.A. for the last couple of years. Her twin brother looked like her and was named Jackson. Her brother who goes to USC is a year older and named Mark. When we got there, She let herself in and we waited for her brother to get back. All of a sudden the bathroom door opened and we hid behind the bed to surprise him. Instead, a pretty blonde girl does out with a boy her. 

    The girl wasn’t very pretty, but was skinny and the boy was gorgeous. He had blue eyes and blonde hair. He was tall and lanky. He had his shirt off so you could see his six-pack. You could also see a tattoo. It looked like shapes, but it wasn’t. 

    The door opened to reveal a red-haired boy.

    “Can you find a room?” The boy asked.

    Cheryl and I jumped out from behind the bed. Cheryl ran to him and jumped into his arms. She then introduced me to him.

    “Mark, this is Mali, Mali, this is Mark.”

    The blonde haired boy spoke up scaring us all.

    “What the fuck were you doing spying on me in my room?”

    “Our room.” reminded Mark

    “And I think it’s cute that they waited to surprise me.”

    The boy scoffed and said to the girl

    “Let’s go to your room.”

    They walked out the room and across the hall to her room and walked in. I turn back to Mark and Cheryl and they look so happy to see each other. Cheryl turns to me and pulls me out the door.

    “We should go now. Its getting late and the lights will be out. See you tomorrow!” Cheryl says.

    “It was nice to meet you!” I yell as Cheryl pulls me out the door.

    On the way back Cheryl asks 

    “So I’ve told you about me, tell about you.”

    I take a deep breath.

    “I lived with my dad after my mom abandoned us when I was nine. My dad tried to raise me. Emphysis on the tried. He ended up getting drunk and meeting some slut at the bar and marrying her. She turned out to be an okay step-mom, until she met me and went all psycho and trashing our house. A week later I left to come here.”

    Cheryl turns to me and I can see that she is crying. I must have sounded so pitiful that she fells sorry for me.

    I Look up at her and then ask the question I want the answer most to.

    “Who is your brother’s roommate?”

    “His name is Luke and he hooks up with a new girl each night and has quite the reputation. Apparently he has been with Cecilia, the girl you just saw for a week. The longest he has been with a girl. Why, do you like him?”


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