Addicted To You

This story is about a girl named Mali (Not Mali Koa, I just really love the name) When she gets into USC she meets her roommate/ best friend Cheryl and Cheryl's brother's roommate, Luke. Luke has a bad reputation and a naughty Ex. But Mali has nothing to lose. What happens when she falls for him?


3. Chapter Three


Mali's POV:

      What do I say to her? The truth and say that I liked him or lie and say that I was just wondering what was going on? I lied. 

    “Oh, I was just wondering what was going on.”

    She gave me a weird look, but didn’t say anything. I looked down at my feet for the rest of the walk and when we got back to our room, we continued to set it up. In the end, our room was purple and very girly. I wore a lot of pink and purple so I guess I could be described as girly. My red hair was almost always down and my green eyes were always bright.

    That night I couldn’t fall asleep, I couldn’t stop thinking of him. His blonde hair that stood up. His tattoo is roman numerals, for what I have no idea. I reached out and touched my tattoos. I have two constellation tattoos. I had one on my wrist that was Circinus, The Compass. I have another on the back of my shoulder, it is of Columba, The Dove. 

    His piercing blue eyes popped into my mind. The way they looked at me, they had wisdom, like he wasn’t just the teenage dirtbag people thought he was. That he was smart and wise. 

    Though I doubt that, if he was smart he would probably have a smart girlfriend. That blonde just looked dumb and mean. Like the kind of girls that used to bully me. Perfect in every aspect except for their personalities. Except no one knew it, but the people that they hurt. 

    They may have been skinny and pretty, but they had icy cold hearts. They took everything from you, and when there was nothing left they took you. My eyes water as I remember what happened last year.


    “You little twerp, what did you say about me??” Thump! Thump! “you should have never opened your mouth.” 

    I felt my cuts and bruises come back with every hit, The worst part was that he just stood there, my best friend stood there while she pouched and kicked me until I passed out. Then she walked over to my best friend and started making out with him. I was still knocked out, but she didn’t care, she just kissed him while her friends video taped.

     A week later they dated and he forgot all about me.

    I cried to myself until I fell asleep, no dreams, I just blacked out.


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