Addicted To You

This story is about a girl named Mali (Not Mali Koa, I just really love the name) When she gets into USC she meets her roommate/ best friend Cheryl and Cheryl's brother's roommate, Luke. Luke has a bad reputation and a naughty Ex. But Mali has nothing to lose. What happens when she falls for him?


6. Chapter Six

Cheryl's POV:

​    I look up as Mali walks out of the bathroom. I look up and hope that she will say anything. I hope that she will tell me that she s coming to the party with me. She walks by, glaring at me the whole time. 

      I watch as she walks over to the closet, I guess that means that she is coming. Since she is coming, I walk over and pull out the dress I was planning on wearing. I thought that since Cecilia wore this kind of stuff, that maybe Luke would notice me. Yesterday, when he yelled at us, he kept on staring a Mali.

       It made me rethink everything. Does Mali like Luke? Does Luke like Mali? I decided to wear the dress, I was hoping for a good reaction from someone. Hopefully Luke.

       We walked out and after a few minutes I look at her and tell her how I feel. She looked at me and the runs away. I can't believe that I just messed that up. I turn and press against the wall, slowly sliding down. I start to cry. I could feel my make-up fall on my hands. Just then I look up. It's a boy with dark brown hair and chocolate eyes. 

       He turns to me and says

    " A beautiful girl like you shouldn't be here crying all alone. Let's go back to my room and watch a movie. I'm Calum by the way."

     I turn and nod my head. He smiles and walks me away. But all I can think about is where Mali might be.

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