Addicted To You

This story is about a girl named Mali (Not Mali Koa, I just really love the name) When she gets into USC she meets her roommate/ best friend Cheryl and Cheryl's brother's roommate, Luke. Luke has a bad reputation and a naughty Ex. But Mali has nothing to lose. What happens when she falls for him?


5. Chapter Five

         Mali's POV:


      When I woke up, I was still in the bathroom. I looked at my phone and it said that it was 6:00. Great, I have an hour until the party. I walk out of the bathroom and Cheryl looks up at me. She doesn't say anything and watches me as I walk over to my closet and pull out a pink dress and nude heels.  I quickly fluff my hair and let it fall down to my sides.

                I put on as little makeup as possible and look in the mirror. I look pretty and my dress fits me well. I turn to Cheryl and she looks absolutely gorgeous. She is wearing a blue dress with cut outs and red heels. Her dress was sexier than mine but looked good on her.

       We begin to walk to the party. Cheryl turns to me and said

​        "You could have let me in, I would have understood if you didn't want to talk, but next time don't ignore me"

        I got so mad that I turned around and left her right where she was. I walked a little ways and then I felt two arms pull me into an alley, one over my mouth and the other around my waist.


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