Kellins daughter


3. REALLY?!?!?!

I went out and sat on the sofa. After a hour Kellin walked in.

Chose top 3 said the lady. I was  listening to music and started mumbling Kick Me I thought no one heard but sure it caught Kellins ear. So Kellin walked up to me you listen to our music he asked. I was fangirling inside I squealed and said ye-a-ye-yea.

He laughs and told the lady I want her. Her??? U sure? The lady said.

I said I want her Kellin said. Okay?... here's the papers.

While he was signing the papers I ran to pack my stuff it took 5 mins.

Ready? Asked Kellin yep I said I mumbled later motherfuckers.

Kellin laughed okay let's go 

*skip car ride*


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