An insight into the role of a student nurse.

The world can be cruel to the kind and innocent and kind to the cruel.


1. An insight into the role of a student nurse

Despite the fact that you were so small,
I could see your personality that made you soar. 
Your tiny body in my cradling arm,
Gave you a warm nest for you to escape all harm. 

You were adorable in every way there could be,
I would feed you and burp you and watch you smile with glee,
I'd make you laugh for hours on end,
With silly words, sounds and faces, I knew you were on the mend. 

The sad part is your health could so easily change,
From you kicking and playing to a behaviour so strange. 
I lifted you up as usual to give you a special hug, 
But this time I felt your body slug. 

Your little hands were cold and your body so weak,
I placed a hand on your chubby cheek,
Your little face changed colour, you tinted blue,
I could see that you couldn't pull through. 

Your smiling face was covered by an oversized mask, 
And helping you breathe was our ultimate task. 
You'd been in our hospital for ever so long,
You were meant to be discharged, you were meant to go home. 

The day you deteriorated was the day I had to leave,
From my duty as a student nurse I had been relieved. 
You were no longer under my care and were out of my sight, 
This is the sad part of nursing, leaving you behind gave me a fright.

Despite not caring for you I would ask again and again, 
How is this baby doing? Is there still immense pain? 
'Prepare yourself for bad news' I was constantly told,
I didn't want to, I didn't have to, I knew you were stronger and were made of solid gold. 

After weeks of your body battling to survive,
After endless attempts to help your body thrive,
Your heart was so small and was too weak,
You had finally reached your ultimate peak. 

Your soul had departed to the universe of light,
A beautiful angel in all of your might,
May you smile and laugh and be free of pain,
One day little one, I will see you again. 



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