Maria is a shy, normal girl of seventeen. her and her two best friends, along with her mother travel to New York, where a tragic event will change her life forever. But when a mysterious boy moves to her school, things start changing. Will Maria be able to control these changes? Or will she end up destroying everything she loves?


2. Chapter 2-Luke's point of view

I saw the way she looked at him, Maria. The way she looked at Sam. There was something strange behind her eyes, something that I have never seen in the fifteen years I have known her. It worried me. It seemed to worry her too. I couldn’t stand seeing her upset, so the last few months had been difficult for both of us. Her mother was like a second mum to me, we went on holiday together, and I could just walk into Maria’s house. I had a spare key. I felt like I was part of their perfect family. Mum, Dad and Maria, perfect. But since New York, everything has changed. Maria talks to Lennie more then she talks to me. I couldn’t stand it. Couldn’t stand not knowing what was going through her head when she kept things from me. I wished she had an excuse. I hoped she did.


My phone buzzed in my pocket as I got in from school. Lennie’s name flashed across my screen. I picked up, wondering what she wanted. ‘Hey Len, what’s up?’

‘Hey’ she replied, she stayed silent for a few seconds before saying ‘hey’ again. I could tell something was wrong instantly, Lennie was very easy to read. Maria was more difficult, although I indulged myself in thinking I could read her.

‘Len what’s wrong?’

‘It’s Maria’ of course. Lennie and I mostly talked about Maria these days. She was the reason why we became friends. Maria insisted on letting Lennie join our small group, she always welcomed outsiders. ‘Something strange happened in Costa’

‘You went to Costa without me?’ I feigned disappointment. I could almost hear the smile playing on Lennie's lips as she said,

‘Of course silly, you hate Costa.’ That was true, I much preferred the independent coffee shops in Ilkley, which was lucky because we had an abundance of them. ‘Anyway’ she continued, ‘when we were queuing up to pay, the new guy walked in, you know Sam?’ she carried on talking even though I didn’t reply. My jaw tightened at the mention of his name. It wasn’t that I was jealous, its just I didn’t like the way she looked at him, the way Maria looked at Sam.

‘Well he walked in, and Maria went really stiff, and cold. She felt like ice, it was really strange. But I touched her hand and they were really warm. Like mega fire hot warm.

‘Maybe she’s ill’ I said, concerned. It wasn’t like Maria to be ill. In all the years I had known her, she had only been off school sick about a dozen times. Not even on test days.

‘I thought that at first too, but then, when I touched her, my hand felt as if it had been burnt. And now, I have a burn mark on it….’ What? What the hell?

‘That’s super weird, you sure it’s not from the coffee?’

‘Maybe, but it was just weird you know?’


I agreed, we chatted a while and then I hung up, making an excuse. I liked Lennie but it’s difficult to talk to her sometimes. Mostly she just had girlish gossip to tell me, and as Maria isn’t interested in that stuff, it ends up being me who has to listen to it. Jess off course already knows everything, so Lennie can’t have the pleasure of gossiping and hearing my fake interested reactions. But this latest news troubled me. I had noticed it before, when she go upset. At the funeral when I had held her hand, her hand had been burning hot. I dialled Marias number, I knew it off by heart now as I call her so much. She didn’t pick up. That in itself was strange. Maria had social anxiety, she would never go anywhere without her phone. It was her rock. She never left the house without it. It was like a child’s' safety blanket. Maybe she was avoiding me. Although I didn’t know why, she never avoided me, not even when her mum died. Not even when she ran away from home and her dad called me wondering where she was. That was a difficult time.


Maria had found out that her family wasn’t quite the perfect family I had imagined. Her dad had been caught cheating on her mum. It wasn’t pretty. Maria felt betrayed, so she ran away, to get away from the fighting, her mothers heart ache, her fathers guilt. She phoned me straight away then. So what was so different now?

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