This is a funny truth or dare game with main hp characters forced to play truth or dare (readers/my rl friends will make the dares)and after a round they r all excited to play another round but also want to get out of gills home!


1. round one

Harry,ron,hermione,snape,ginny,hagrid,voldemort,malfoy,lucius,draco,narissa,nymphadora,fred,george,bill,flure,and bellatrix and all the other slytherins and Gryffindors sat in the basement of of gill waiting for her to get done with her fangirling to come introduce dare to them.they heard a door open "hello im here to introduce dare!!" She walked down explained the rules,and opened a bag full of dares first one (from jenna@gmail.com)"look our first dare"said gill she opened it is read."i dare harry to strip down,hump ron and fuck draco"."come on harry"NO IM NOT FUCKING DO IT" "DO IT " gill said making harry cower.harry pulled of his shirt,pants,and boxers.ginny fainted.hermione just sat there with her eyes closed.draco was staring (hint,hint) and smiling.he walked over to ron and humped him hard in his face,then walked over to draco and pulled draco up and shoved his dick in dracos mouth.draco was delighted."draco i swear if u r gay..."saif lucius.harry got dressed agian and the next dare was pulled(from my bff bri)"i dare draco to kiss hermione".draco was smiling even more now but Dumbledore looked upset he haddent got to touch harry or draco now.hermione looked like she was going to get sick.ron yelled"NO" "shut up ron yelled harry wanting to see the show.hermione leaned in so did draco and it started as a slender kiss but it increaed eith them finding eachothers toungs and hermione unbuttoning dracos pants and draco taking off hermiones bra without them stopping gill yelled"STOP"! And hermione scurried back to her seat by ron and draco just stood there and stared at hermione so much he had experienced."next dare!!" Yelled harry (from my cousin)"i dare voldemort to be wearing a stripper dress and heels and snape to be wearing leggings and no shirt same as lucius and sing uptown funk "NO WAY AM I NOT WEARING A SHIRT"yelled snape and luxius at the same time gill got out a board and a pen and sketched something a big poof appeared and voldemort was wearing thr the dress and heels and lucius and snape in legging no shirts.Music started wih voldemort in the middle and he started singing a high pitch solo wavng his arms "dou,duh,duh,duh,duh duh duh duh duh this hit that ice cold michel pheipher for that white gold this one for then hood girls them good girls straight masterpieces"snape and lucius start singing"stylin,whylin,livin it up in the city got chucks on masjuejun gotta kiss my self im so pretty""TWERK TRIO" voldemort yells as the song changes to i like big butts and voldy,snape,and lucius start twerking as the song plays "OH MY GOD BECKY LOOK AT HER BUTT,IRS LIKE SOO BIG SHE LOOKS LIKE ONE OF THOSE RAP DUDES GIRLFRIENDS...I MEAN JUST LOOK AT IT ITS JUST SO...BIG!I LIKE BIG BUTTS AND I CANNOT LIE ANOTHER BROTHER CANT DENY WHEN A GIRL WALKS IN WITH AN ITY BITTY WAIST AND A BIG ROUND THING IN HER FACE SHE GET SPRUNG!"STOP!"gill yells "aww"said the "twerk trio" next dare said gill"YEAH!"said everyone (from my neighbor joeannie)"dumbledore needs to poophis pants hagrid eats it and then,dumbledore can kiss any one he wants only one witch or wizard tho"Dumbledore immeadietly pulls out a bag of pruns as everyone stares at him"just in case so mind your own duck"and he pours the bag down his throught And he poops his pants as an odor fills the basement he pulls down his pants and beneath him is a brown lump and he picks it up and puts it in hagrids hand" bottoms up " he said as it was steaming in his hand he chocked as he shoved it down his thoat and he passed out."now i want to kiss...VOLDEMORT!"everyone went quiet and voldemort blushed "oh albus stop it! He said foolishly Dumbledore pulled tom in put his and on the side of voldys head and said"i have been waiting tom...i love u he was crying""oh albus i loved u too they embraced and everyone who woke up was crying even gill "voldemort got obe one knee "a-a-albus w-wil u marry me?he asked (this was not part of the dare i will have another story aboit there love before this)"yes!"albus said and kissed voldy passionately and they sat wirh eachother holding hands.

AUTHORS NOTE:i have nothing against gays and that stuff i just wanted to make it funny cause we did not know voldy was.but i think people should have the freedom to date what gender they want.so please if u r offended please comment on thus story and i am greatly sorry if i have offended u.so please do not hold it against me.it was just to make the story more interesting.thank you.if u want more comment MORE i only need 3 that would be enogh support to make me happy with myself.also read Lunas Wonders and draco diary. Bye 

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