There's Something About Sonya

Zayn had never seen a prettier girl than the one standing across the bar from him now. He had to go talk to her...


1. Zayn's POV

She's standing alone, with a empty glass in her hand, and she looks comfortable and totally unsure at the same time. She is the most beautiful girl I have ever seen. Caramel skin; long, deep brown hair; and wonderful big, dark eyes. And wearing a very tight black dress that comes up to mid-thigh. 

Of course I'm going to chat her up.

"Hey!" I say, striding up to her.

"Uh...hey?" she answers, uncertainly.

"I'm Zayn," I say confidently, leading the conversation on. She stares at me properly then. I see a flicker of recognition in her face.

"Zayn? From 1D? OMG!" I smile. This always gets the girls.

"Zayn Malik at your service, madam."

"Oh...hello, I'm Sonya." Sonya....even the name is beautiful, exotic.

"Can I get you a drink?"


I go and order her the most alcoholic drink on the menu. Best to get her drunk before I try anything. It sounds cruel, but it works. I'm only in it for a one night stand. 

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