There's Something About Sonya

Zayn had never seen a prettier girl than the one standing across the bar from him now. He had to go talk to her...


2. Sonya's POV

An hour later...

God, I've drunk so much. Zayn and I are dancing, his hands a bit lower than my waist, my arms around his neck. We've kissed, of course. We both know that we're probably going to have a one-nighter. I only came here for that.

I kiss him again, my tongue roaming his mouth.

He whispers, "Do you want to come back to mine?"

I say yes.


I stagger out of the taxi whilst Zayn pays the driver and fumbles with his keys. Finally he unlocks the door and we collapse on to the luxurious sofa. Zayn immediately kisses my mouth, then snakes a hand under my dress, and rubs me through my thong. I gasp and he rubs harder, putting his hand right into my thong and swirling his finger around my opening. He then puts a finger up inside my pussy and circles it round, then two fingers. Eventually, he shoves three and I moan, still kissing him. Zayn uses the other hand to feel my boobs, my nipples going hard at his touch. He pulls his hand out and takes my dress off, so I'm standing in heels and my bra and thong. He rips off my bra and kisses me on my mouth, then working his way down until he reaches my waist. Zayn bites off my thong and gives me an oral.

"No, no, no," I say, teasingly, "My turn."

He takes off his clothes until he is naked. His dick is huge. I rub my hand up and down, then take it into my mouth. Zayn moans. I move in rhythm until he's completely hard. Then I lead him into the kitchen, sit on the edge of the table and spread my legs in the splits. He understands immediately and shoves it in, pumping hard and fast. I kick off my heels and he carries me into the bedroom.

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