Sketchpad (l.h au)

In which a girl, Jordan, just so happens to drop something that lands her a spot in Luke's life.


7. what the hell is he doing to me? (jord)

4th period with Luke was definitely a success. His sketches were amazing. He had drawings of human faces and other parts of anatomy. It's awkward to say this but the sketch of his penis was quite lovely. He also had sketches of a few girls in school, or at least parts of them. Aleisha has really nice breasts. He's so funny. He made a joke about molecular positions which I wouldn't usually have laughed at but, with him it was his smile and his eyes, and that damn lip ring. He was so damn sexy. I got a little hot and bothered to say the least ((´-`).。oO). Usually I'd be a prude and deny ever being turned on, especially by a guy like Luke, but there's just something about that goddamned boy. God he's such a babe.

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