Sketchpad (l.h au)

In which a girl, Jordan, just so happens to drop something that lands her a spot in Luke's life.


5. psycho (luke)

I found myself bored in third period, I always did. Krum was a very boring teacher. I reached into my bag and pulled out Jordan's sketchpad. On the second page was a messy sketch of a skeleton mixed with a rabbit. There was no grade given because the sketch had been marked by Jordan, "incomplete". I would think it was complete by its state of utter perfection but apparently not. The bell rang shortly after I got rid of my confusion. As I walked towards the art classroom, I spotted Jordan. She was wearing a blue nirvana shirt and tattered boyfriend jeans. She looked remarkable. Once I got to the classroom I was greeted by our professor Cheramie. He was the only teacher who gave a shit about the students. Instead of sitting in my normal spot near the board, I sat next to Jordan. Cheramie began class by saying that since today was an early dismissal and that we didn't have much time, we were to just start on sketches for the week. Jordan's face dropped. I almost laughed at her adorableness. She was currently the top art student in the school. She.never missed a sketch or turned in a painting late. Everything she did was always with all of her effort. I watched closely as she raised her hand. Cheramie smiled thinking it was probably just one of her little stories about how awkward she was. As he said yes, I studied her as she smiled sadly and spoke the words, "I don't have my sketchpad. It was stolen."

He looked appalled but said nothing more than "look through Luke's with him." It was my turn to be appalled. She turned towards me and smiled gorgeously.

"Hi, I'm Jordan. So glad to meet you."

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