Sketchpad (l.h au)

In which a girl, Jordan, just so happens to drop something that lands her a spot in Luke's life.


16. people throw rocks at things that shine (Jordan)

(they've been together for three months now in book time"

"If they keep looking at me like that I'm going to throw spoons at them." I mumbled.

Luke laughed and squeezed my hand, "They're just jealous babe."

"Why though?"

"Because of this," he said attaching his lips to mine.

An entire table of sophomores groaned at the sight of us and I giggled knowing I was the only one lucky enough to have Luke.

"This is really happening right? I'm not dreaming?" He asked.

I laughed again and shook my head.

"You're not dreaming Luke."

"Good because if I was, I think- well maybe I'd still be satisfied."

I laughed harder and poked him in the stomach.

He poked me back and what he said made my heart skip a beat and choke on my French fry:

"I'm so in love with you."

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