Sketchpad (l.h au)

In which a girl, Jordan, just so happens to drop something that lands her a spot in Luke's life.


21. exposed (Jordan)

we pulled into Luke's driveway and I was greeted with his familiar home. We climbed out of his Audi and walked onto the stone pathway leading to his front door. He unlocked the door and we walked upstairs to his bedroom. He apologized but said he had to pee badly because the bitch Licona wouldn't let him. I giggled and nodded. He walked to the bathroom and the second he left the room I stood up and started pacing around his room. I wasn't nervous or anything, it's just a habit. But while I was pacing I walked too close to one corner of the room and a shelf came tumbling down. That however, was not what made me gasp. Lying on the floor right in front of me was the beaten up leather book with stickers placed oddly all over it that I had known all too well. Luke rushed back into the room just as I sat down on his bed with the object. His face went white once he saw what was in my hands.

He didn't say anything but instead sat next to me. I leaned my head against his shoulder and sighed.

"Open it." He spoke softly into my hair.

I obliged and was greeted with the familiar sketches and paintings. But as I flipped through the pages, there were ones I didn't recognize but I did recognize. The first new one was a drawing of myself. The signature at the bottom was a simple LRH. I removed my head from Luke's shoulder and looked up at him.

"Keep going." He mumbled."

The next page was a drawing of two hands locked together, but the freckle between the thumb and index finger on one hand meant that it was myself and the silver ring on the pinky of the other, meant it was obviously Luke.

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