Sketchpad (l.h au)

In which a girl, Jordan, just so happens to drop something that lands her a spot in Luke's life.


4. abstraction (luke)

On the very first page of her sketchpad was an abstraction of a human face. It had a deformed egg shape as a head, eyes everywhere on the page, short lines acting as hair, and a nose tucked into the corner. The grade given was an A and the student notes section read "done quickly, not given much effort". If this is what she considered not much effort, I would love to see all of her effort. I had no intention on returning the book to her just yet, but I knew I would give it back to her eventually. I just wanted to get to know her first. Learn her fears and her hopes and everything she's ever wanted to achieve. I wanted to see who she truly was underneath the curly hair and the awkward exterior.

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