Don't go

'Don't go.' I pleaded.
'I have to, now stop!'he screamed at me.
I just stared at him,no expression at all, until I finally finished it off.

*not famous yet at the start*


4. Lily's P.O.V

*skip till after breakfast*

"M'kay boys.Lets see,what should we do today?"

"We could go to the beach?" Calum suggested.

"No too cold today."

"What about the park?"Ashton asked.

"Nope we did that yesterday."

"Cinema?"Luke chimed in.

"There's nothing on."

"Okay how about the mall?You can't really go wrong there."Michael suggested.

-Or so we thought.-

"Okay then.The mall it is."

I went next door,back to my home and got ready.I changed into a black long sleeved crop top that said 'normal people scare me' in a cool font. I slipped on some light blue denim shorts and went to start my make up.I applied pale pink,long lasting lipstick and pink blush.I also added thin eyeliner and a bit of cover up on my spots.I was finally ready.I grabbed my phone,wallet,and my handbag,stepped into my high tops,grabbed my denim jacket and rushed out my front door to step right into another.

By the time I got inside their house they all were fully ready,sitting in a line on their couch with head in hands looking extremely bored.

"Finally!You took your time didn't you?!"I just shrugged and got into the car,soon followed by the others.I got into the back seat whilst Luke next to Ashton in the passengers seat with Calum and Michael next to me.

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