Lost at sea

Both famous, Brittany Kay and Harry Styles attend a yacht party. What happens when Harry and Brittany find themselves stranded on a desert island? Will they ever be rescued?


2. Personal girl items

"But dad" Brittany pleaded.

"No, you have to work on your new song!" Mr. Kay argued.

"It's just one night!" She replied.

"I'm sorry honey, maybe another time, but right now you need to stay focused on your career" He said.

"I can work on it tomorrow, I'll work on it all week just please let me go, I never get to do anything!" She whined.

"Are there going to be boys there?" He asked.

"Probably, I don't know" She answered.

"Then absolutely not, you need to focus on your career not boys!" He exclaimed.

"Dad! Please?" She asked giving him the best puppy dog face she could.

"No and that's final! If you ask me one more time, you won't be going to that audition on Friday!" He said leaving his office.

'Why can't I just have a normal life?' She wondered sighing and slouching into her chair. 'Everybody is going to be there, no parents to boss me around!' She thought. 'Wait. Dad is going to a meeting tonight... I could sneak out, and not miss the party... no that's wrong... I can't do that... or can I?' She pondered over that question for a few minutes before deciding to go against her father's wishes.

Brittany made her way down to the bottom floor of the building where she knew her father would be. 

"Dad?" She asked.

"I'm busy right now!" He yelled as he was about to answer the ringing telephone.

'Great, he's busy at work, this will be my chance to leave without him noticing' She thought to herself.

She ran down the hallway to the lobby straight for the doors.

"And just where do you think you are going?" A voice from behind her asked.

She turned around with her mouth forming an 'O'.

"Oh! David, hi! I uh... I um need to get some personal girl items... cause i'm a.. girl" She lied terribly.

"Uh huh, and does your father know about this?" He asked.

"Pfft yea, I wouldn't go out and not tell him... not me, his sweet little angel" She said and gave a tiny guilty smile.

"Good. Because if you didn't tell him, and you were sneaking out, you would be in big trouble now wouldn't you?" He asked knowing her excuses to leave.

"Yes, big trouble, which I'm not going to get into because I am not doing anything wrong... just going to stop by the ol' house, and then go run my errands" She replied.

"Uh huh.. alright as long as you aren't getting yourself into any trouble" he said.

"Ok bye!" She said and ran out the doors to the limo that was waiting for her outside of the building.

David watched as she ran out knowing she had been lying straight to his face. He would have told her dad except one thing. He has a massive crush on her and would never intentionally get her in trouble. He just tries to... keep her safe and out of trouble. 

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