Lost at sea

Both famous, Brittany Kay and Harry Styles attend a yacht party. What happens when Harry and Brittany find themselves stranded on a desert island? Will they ever be rescued?


3. Overboard

After getting ready, Brittany's friend, Leyla, arrived to take them to the yacht party.

"I'm so glad your dad is letting you go to the party!" Leyla exclaimed.

"Yea, me too" Brittany lied.

Leyla parked in the lot and they walked up to the entrance.

"Names" The security officer stated.

"Brittany Kay" She said and he let her on.

"Leyla Walsh" Leyla said and he let her go past.

The party is invite only. 

"Let's get us some boys" Leyla suggested.

"No, let's just have fun" Brittany said.

"Boys are fun, who would you dance with?" She asked.

"You" Brittany replied.

"I'm gonna go find a boy, you want one?" Leyla asked.

"No, I'm okay, thanks" She said.

"Suit yourself" Leyla said and walked away.

Brittany on the other hand, walked to the top of the yacht so she could see the ocean view. The yacht started moving so she just stared into the darkness that came when the sun went down. An hour later the yacht stopped moving and she stood up to look down into the deep dark water. She sat on the edge of the side of the yacht. Not close enough to fall but enough to be comfy and safe.

"Hey! What'd you say!?" Brittany jumped as a guy started yelling.

"What'd you say!?" He screamed again and pushed another guy back. 

Unfortunately for her, Brittany was right behind the guy being pushed back. As if in slow motion, she found herself falling from the yacht into the icy waters. Her body went into shock from the coldness. She looked up realizing nobody noticed her falling off. 

"Help!" She called out barely audible. 

"Help!" She tried again but her voice would not reach a normal pitch.

Once most people up on the yacht cleared off the top, including the guy who started yelling, the guy being pushed realized something.

"Hey wasn't a girl just sitting here?" He asked one guy who had stayed.

The guy just shrugged and left. Which left Harry, the one that was pushed to wonder. 'Did something happen to her?'

Harry felt the engine of the yacht turning back on and turning around. He tried looking into the water to see if he could tell if she fell.

"Help" He heard barely audible.

"Is someone out there?!" He yelled.

"Yes" She shivered.

"Oh my god, just wait there! Stay at the surface!" He yelled and grabbed two life jackets, put one on, and jumped into the water after grabbing a flashlight to find her.

"Hello!?" He yelled searching for her hoping she didn't drown.

"Here" She said and he turned himself around.

"Wow this water is cold" He said and swam over to her.

"Put this on" He said and gave her the life jacket.

"Who are you?" She asked.

"Harry" He said.

"Styles?" She asked.

"Yea, and your Brittany Kay right?" He asked shining the flashlight in her face.

"Ow, can you put that away? And yes I am" She said and rubbed her eyes with one hand.

"Sorry" He said and turned the flashlight away from her face.

"Look they are turning the yacht around, we need to let them know we're here!" He said.

Little did they know, the yacht had already left. 

"What yacht?" She asked.

"Oh no, did you hit your head?" He asked thinking she had lost her memory.

"No, I mean as in, the yacht is not there! It's over there!" She said pointing to a yacht, now far away from where they were.

"We need to find something and get out of the water, if we don't, we'll be dead within minutes!" Harry exclaimed.

"Okay" She said and started swimming.

"Which way?" She asked.

"Let's try this way" He said and shone the flashlight to the right where there seemed to be something. 

"It looks like an island! Maybe someone who lives there can call for help!" Brittany said and started immediately swimming towards what seemed to be an island.

Once they reached the island, Harry shone the flashlight around hoping to find someone. 

"Hello!?" He called out.

"We're not going to find anything when it's this dark, we should just wait until morning" Harry said.

"No! We need to get back now! If my dad ever finds out I went to that party, he'll kill me!" Brittany exclaimed.

"We can't see anything! I think there's something a little more important than 'Oh no daddy's gonna kill me because i was being a bad girl'" Harry said and rolled his eyes.

"And what's that?" She challenged.


"Yea because of you!" She said.

"How is this my fault? What kind of idiot sits on the edge of a boat?!" He yelled.

"First of all, it's a yacht, and second, you're the idiot that instead of getting help and telling them to stop the yacht, you just jump right in, because you wanna save the day, well look where you got us now!" She said.

"I'm sorry for saving your life!" He said sarcastically.

"And you got us stuck on an island!" She said.

"Look, right now, we only have each other, so let's not fight okay?" He said.

"I'm freezing" She said shivering as she wore a crop top and shorts to the party.

"Me too, let's go find someplace warm" He said.

They walked around for a while and found a spot inbetween some trees and bushes. 

"Let's stay here tonight okay?" He asked.

"Okay..." She said giving in.

Harry took off his leather coat.

"What are you doing? You'll freeze!" She scolded.

"But look what your wearing, I think i'm a little more protected" He said.

"I'm not wearing that, I don't mind if I wake up dead, but I do not want to wake up next to a dead person!" She said.

"Okay, that makes no sense at all, if you're dead, you wouldn't wake up" He said.

She laughed.

"Alright, if you want to get all technical" She said.

"Then here" He said and took off his t-shirt.

"How is that going to help?" She asked.

"You put this on and i'll wear the coat" He said.

"No, just wear both" She said.

He took the t-shirt back and put it back on. Then he moved closer to Brittany.

"Um excuse me, what are you doing?" She asked scooting away.

"Do you want to keep warm or not?" He asked.

"Okay..." She said and moved back.

She faced him as he wrapped the coat around them both with his arms around her, then he turned off the flashlight.

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