Wake Me Up From This Nightmare

After a disastrous date and countless nightmares, will Elle be able to love again with the help of a friend?


1. The Date

My knees collapsed to the floor. My head drooping over the toilet. Body shaking. Room spinning. Tears pouring from my eyes. Blood smears left behind as I pulled myself up and walked towards the kitchen. Trembles filled my body. But nothing left to shout out. Energy drained. Why did this happen to me?

* * * * *

Tight curls fell to loose curls as I ran my fingers through my hair to provide volume. I smiled looking at the outcome. I checked over my outfit. A white tank top with anchors flowed against my curves. Demin skinny jeans snugged against my legs with bare skin peeking out on the thighs. A simple necklace, a touch of makeup and a squirt of perfume tied the outfit together.

"He could be the one. Don't ruin this!" I smiled in the mirror.

The sound of the doorbell triggered butterflies in my stomach. I took a deep breath.

My eyes landed on a tall, blue eyed boy. Dirty blonde locks touch the middle of his ear. The perfect length.

"You look beautiful." Zak smiled, rubbing his hands nervously. "Thanks." I blushed.

We walked over to the car, opening the passenger door. Once in the drivers seat, he helped me buckle up. Zak being a sweet gentlemen.

"So. I had planned to go eat dinner and bowling later tonight. Would you like that?"

"Sounds good to me." I shyly replied. Nervous. It's my first date in months. And I really liked Zak. Well. I thought I did.


"Why are we stopping?" I looked around. Darkness filled the pastures. "Zak. Answer me!" I begged. Zak turned the engine off. His face morphed. His eyes darkened. The smile disappeared. His eyebrows arched inward. Anger filling his face. "Zak. Please. I beg you! Please take me home. Were almost there!" I pleaded. Voice shaking. The mood shifted. "Zak. Please stop you're scaring me take me home please. I'm beg-" Zak's hand collided with my face, slamming my hand into the window. Breaking skin as blood dripped down my face. My hands grasped my face. Head throbbing from the collision. Unable to think. Zak was missing from the drivers seat.

The passenger door flew open. I stumbled trying to keep my balance. Once I maintained my balance I took off running. Running away from Zak. Danger. Head throbbing two times worse as my heart pumped faster.

Footsteps pounded against the pavement. Growing louder and louder as Zak near. I kept running. Not looking back. His cold hand grasped my arm. Escaping from his grip, I fell to the concrete. Skinning the palm of my hands. Crying out in pain.

Zak jerked me off the ground. Tightening his grip around my upper torso, and holding my arms in place. I kicked my legs. Screaming and yelling.

"LET ME GO!! PLEASE!! HELP!!!" My voice cracking from shouting at the top of my lungs. He walked into the pasture. Out of site of the road. My legs aching from kicking.

Zak through me down hard on the ground. I tried escaping, but he was too strong. Zak grabbed my arms. Attempting to pin me to the ground. I fought back with what I had left. He slapped my cheek. Stinging. Still fighting. Another slap. And another. They kept coming until I was unable to fight back. And that's what he wanted. My cheek was numb after all the slaps. "Please. Don't do this to me. Please let me go!"

Zak didn't speak a word. The evil from his eyes lurked out of the darkness. I squeezed my eyes. Crying. Begging. Pleading. Trying to get him to stop.

His hand moved to my hips, unbuttoning my jeans. I started kicking again, but his fist slammed into my stomach. Blow after blow until he was satisfied and I was no longer fighting back. Zak ripped off my jeans.

His body hovered over mine. One hand still pinning me down, the other holding down my face as he shoved his tongue into my mouth. Kissing roughly. Jerking my head side to side trying to escape. Zak pulled away, his hand slapping across my face once more.

"Please stop. I'm begging you. I'll do any thing. Please don't hurt me LET ME GO. LET ME GO!!!" I screamed and cried. My voice becoming hoarse.

His hand grasped my throat. Jerking my head off the ground to meet up with his. Choking me.


He threw me back down to the ground. And with that he was gone. Out of site. Leaving me sobbing, grasping for air alone.

I laid there helpless. My body aching all over from the fight.

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