Wake Me Up From This Nightmare

After a disastrous date and countless nightmares, will Elle be able to love again with the help of a friend?


9. Ch. 8

"I love you, Ellie." Michael's voice repeated in my head. "Michael loves me. But I don't know if I love him back. What do I do. What do I say?" Questions played in my head. "Is everything ok?" Ashton's voice interrupted my thoughts. Cause me to jump. Michael's hand stroked my arm, calming me a little. I look at Ashton. Then back to Michael. His eyes shining at me. "Ellie are you ok? You're very pale." Ashton's voice was concerning. "Ellie, love, it's ok if you don't love me back. I don't expect you to. Especially after what you been through." Michael whispered, reclining back down into the hospital bed. Resting his eyes.

Ashton walked over, examining my left wrist from the cuts. "Elle.....why- let me help you clean up." Ashton avoided the question why and disappeared into the bathroom and came back with a washcloth. "Please please don't ever do this again." Ashton spoke while dabbing the cuts. "I won't. I promise. I don't know what happened to me Ashton. I don't know what's going on." "Time will heal you. With the help of us you'll get through it." With that said, Ashton kissed me on the lips. It wasn't a passionate kiss. It was more of a sweet, gently, reassuring kiss.

My eyes locked with Michael, whose face was fuming at Ashton. I thought he was sleeping. But no he saw Ashton kiss me. His best friend kissing his love. My eyes danced back to Ashton as he was studying my emotions. "Ellie you need to go home and rest." Ashton was very concerned at this point.

"Ashton!" Michael grumbled from the bed. "You dick!"

My eyes became watery. Michael was mad. Ashton realizing Michael said he loved me. Calum and Luke happened to walk in at the wrong moment. My breathing picked up. I started shaking again. Freaking out two of my best friends will start fighting over me.

"Ellie come home with me." Calum walked over, grabbing my hand. Calum guide me to the door. I wanted to say no but paralyzed after all the events. My eyes never left Michael as he laid there watching me leave. Not attempting to stop us. Luke rested his hand on my back for support and comfort. But I didn't want that from Luke. I needed Michael. I needed to be in his arms but no clue how to tell him.

"What the fuck is your problem Ashton!" Michael shouted a few moments later after the door shut. "Whoa Michael. Calm down and watch your language." Ashton replied. "WHY DID YOU KISS ELLIE? YOU KNOW I LOVE HER!" "OPEN YOUR EYES MICHAEL! CAN YOU NOT TELL SHE NEEDS THIS. US. SHE NEEDS TO KNOW SHES LOVED!" Ashton fired back. "I kissed her to maybe calm her down. It worked until you freaked out man!" "What else was I suppose to do? SEEING MY BEST FRIEND KISS A GIRL I LOVE!" Michael shouted. "Michael, remember when we started this band. We promise we wouldn't let a girl come between us. Is this what it's going to lead to?" Ashton questioned Michael. "No." Michael looked down. "I'm sorry I over reacted." "I'm sorry I kissed her. I just want her to know she has the four of us." "No tongue with butt?" Michael laughed. "C'mon now Michael!" Ashton whined. "I know I'm just messing with ya. I want my Ellie back. Before all this happened. When her hair laid pretty down her back, her eyes shining, her smile and laugh. I miss her. She's so beautiful. Ashton?" "What's up?"

Michael hesitated, not replying to Ashton. "What are you thinking about?" Ashton broke silence. "What if I ask Ellie to move in with us? So she's not alone. And we can build her up again back to herself?"


The whole ride home I couldn't stop thinking about Michael. It all made sense now. All the times we pigged out eating pizza. Or fighting over video games. How much he actually cared and never left my side since the Zak incident.

"You good Ellie?" Luke asked while I stirred my milkshake with the straw thinking. I didn't reply. They always knew milkshakes made me a little more happier when I'm down.

I carefully watched waiting for a moment when Calum and Luke took a sip before I spoke.

"I love Michael!" I said just loud enough so they hard me. Calum and Luke both chocked on their drinks. "I think it went in my lungs!" Luke sounded like he was hacking up a lung "gimme a napkin quick!" Calum coughed as it ran out of his nose. "OH MY GOD IT BURNS!" Calum shouted. Milkshake was dripping from their faces. Making me laugh. Something I haven't done in a while. I had the feeling everything is going to be alright.

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