Wake Me Up From This Nightmare

After a disastrous date and countless nightmares, will Elle be able to love again with the help of a friend?


5. Ch. 5

"The search is still on for Chelsea was last seen Wednesday night. She is 5'5" with brown hair and brown eyes wearing a navy lace dress. Chelsea was last seen with a friend named Zak. If any knows about her where about or any further information please contact is at-" Luke shut off the tv. No one dared to say a word.

"He's not going to stop until he's caught." Ashton broke the silence. "And if he is caught, then what? He's going to have his little gang out to finish what he started." Michael replied. "He works alone. It's how he is. I knew that guy is weird. You can tell by looking at him. If I knew Zak was taking Ellie out I never would have let her go." Ashton said.

"It's not your fault Ashton." I quietly spoke. "You're like my younger sister. I need to care for you." Ashton got up and sat beside me. Wrapping his arms around my body.


Mist covered the outdoors like a light fog. The sun hid behind gray clouds. Vision blurring from tears, staring at the dark brown wooden casket with red roses resting on top, ready to be lowered into the ground, putting Chels to rest. The priest finished the last prayer. Family and friends slowly departed. I ran my hand across the smooth casket one last time.

"Chelsea. I'm gonna miss you. I wish this didn't happen. You were too young. I love you. See you again one day." I chocked on my words as tears fell from my face as I said my final goodbye to one of my best friends.

"I'm going to miss her more. I can't believe she's gone." Calum broke down next to me. I embraced him in my arms, trying stay strong. "We'll get through this. We will see the day Zak gets caught and pays his consequences." We opened our arms allowing Ashton in. Michael and Luke joined too. "We will stay strong. As long as we got each other." Michael spoke quietly. We said one last prayer before leaving our friend to rest.

Once to the car, Michael pulled me into his arms. I held on, crying. Another week and a half, another nightmare. Hearing the news about her missing. 3 days later her body being found 10 miles down the road. Calum breaking down. Her funeral. Zak still on the run. I squeezed the Back of Michael's shirt, shutting my eyes from all the flashbacks of all the events.

"Take a deep breath, Ellie. Be strong. You have me. I'm not leaving." Michael whispered, holding on tightly. "Michael?" "Yes?" "Wake me up from this nightmare." I sniffled. A dark silhouette caught my attention yards away. Once eye contact made, it shot back behind the oak tree. My heart began to race, knowing who it was.

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