Wake Me Up From This Nightmare

After a disastrous date and countless nightmares, will Elle be able to love again with the help of a friend?


3. Ch. 3

I woke up to a quiet house. Michael was no where in site. I stumbled out of bed. Limping in pain. "Michael. Michael!" I tried saying but my voice was gone.

I stood there panicking. Crying. I'm alone. What if he comes back? And Michael went to the police. He'll kill me. If he's put in jail, he'll send someone after me.

"Michael? Michael." I cried. Voice weak. "It's ok I'm here!" Michael ran out of the kitchen to me. I fell in his arms. Holding him tight. Crying in relief he didn't leave.

He helped me walk back to my room and laid down back in bed. He pulled me into his lap. Trying to calm me down by singing.

He held me tight, running his hand up and down my arm as he sang softly, making me forgot about the aches, pains, and memories of last night.

* * * *

Why did he come back and bring me to his house? Holding me hostage?

Not a single sound echoed in the house. No footsteps. Clinking glasses. Or doors closing and opening. The only sound came from my heart, racing a mile a minute. A car engine echoed from the outside. 3 doors slammed shut. Followed by the front door flying open.

"Elle is locked up in the spare room. She's going to regret everything." Zak mumbled. Zak's feet pounded against the ground. Two more sets mimicked his path.

I bite down on the sleeve of my shirt. Preventing sounds from escaping from my mouth. Fighting back tears. If I stay, he'll kill me. Slowly I opened the door, making the escape.

Dark shadows turned the corners. "You can run but can't hide, Elle. I'll find you!" They whispered. I turned the opposite direction. Running as the shadows creeped up behind. I turned a corner and discovered an exit. My hands fumbled with the doorknob as I tried to open the door.

Darkness surrounded me. I ran into the unknown. A pain struck me in my leg. Causing me to fall. A pair of hands from behind grasps my wrist, jerking my body in a downward motion. My head colliding with the ground. Pain radiating from my head to my leg. Then everything went black.

Someone straddling my body woke me up. A pain shot through my lower half as Zak forced his way inside me. He finally got what he's been dying to get. My body was locked by the two guys holding me down. I couldn't let him continue.

I started twisting my body. Jerking Zak. Causing him to have trouble. My fingernails dug into the guy holding me down, breaking skin. Zak lowered his body once more. But the feeling changed. His arms wrapped around me. Kissing me on the cheek. It was soothing. Like no harm was intended. Zak's hand stroked my hair. His eyes turning light blue, and his face becoming a bit paler. All as if this is a dream.

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