8. 7

Chapter 7

There were takeout boxes all around and the movie was nearing the end. I had somehow ended up with my feet across Michael’s leg. It was still light outside and it had yet to quit raining since yesterday. Not that I’m complaining though, I love the rain, except for when it gets me sick.

“Hey I think it’s time for you to take some of that cold medicine again.”

I groaned not wanting that foul tasting medicine to ever pass my lips again. Michael smiled and walked towards the kitchen to grab the bottle of disgusting medicine. He returned with a little cap full of the red liquid. I; however, refused to put it anywhere near my mouth.

“Brigh, I swear to god if you do not take this medicine I will shove it down your throat.” He threatened in the most non-threating voice ever.

I started laughed, but he face showed he was plotting something. I was about to get up and make a run for it, when he sat on top of me. I would be lying if I said it didn’t make my heart beat a million miles per hour.

“I’m going to give you one more chance to take this damn medicine.”

I shook my head no, pouted, and crossed my arms over my chest.

“Well I gave you a chance.”

Shit. The next thing I knew his hands were at my sides. I absolutely hated being tickled. My mouth flew open to scream but it was quickly filled with that horrible tasting medicine. I nearly choked on it, but I eventually swallowed. I started coughing and fake gagging because of the taste.

“Please, you’re just overreacting.”

“Yeah I’d like to see you take some of that shit.”

“Nah, I think I’ll pass.”

“That’s what I thought.”

He stuck his tongue out at me like a little kid.

“Uh, can you get off of me?” I said pointing out the fact that he was still seated on top of me.

“Oh yeah, sorry,” he said sliding to the seat next to me.

The room was then filled with a very awkward silence, and my head was once again filled with the thought of kissing my best friend’s boyfriend. God, what the hell is wrong with me. I looked over to him to see him staring intently at me. I quickly turned towards the TV, watching whatever he had turned it to after the movie had ended. Just to my luck it was a very steamy scene in a movie, making me shift uncomfortably in my seat. Michael seemed to notice my discomfort and smirked at me. That little shit. He knew exactly what he was doing, which made me feel one hundred times guiltier about this whole situation.

Then the little dickhead grabbed the remote and turned up the volume so we could here every little breath and moan of the couple in the movie; fucking asshole. I could see him staring at me through the corner of my eye, and tried to find something, anything, else to pay attention too.

The moans on the TV increasingly got louder and I couldn’t help it, I crossed my legs in discomfort, making the little bitch smirk even more.

“Brigh, does this make you uncomfortable.” He said in a voice that almost seemed seductive.

“Fuck you.” I said through gritted teeth.

“This turns you on doesn’t it, admit it Brigh.”

“No.” I lied as best I could. Everything you do turns me on, I thought.

“Come on Brigh, you know it does.”

What the actual fuck is happening right now. I was praying that Kate would walk through the door at any minute, but I knew she was going to be at work for another couple of hours.

I got up to go up to my room, but his hand met my wrist and pulled me down onto his lap. Shit, shit, shit. His finger trailed the outside of my thigh, making it more and more difficult to resist, but I tried. His suddenly trailed the waist band of my yoga shorts.

Suddenly I sat up so I was straddling him. My needy lips met his, something definitely tells me he and Kate haven’t done anything in a while if at all. Out of pure instinct my hip rolled down against his, making us both moan. I was even needier for the touch of someone than I had though. I didn’t understand why he was doing this with me, he had Kate, he could do whatever he wanted with her whenever. My hips kept up a steady movement. I couldn’t silence the moans that were leaving my mouth.

Michael’s mouth trailed down to my neck. I was so caught up in the moment and the pleasure that I had almost completely forgotten that this was my best friends fucking boyfriend.

“Michael no,” I said, but didn’t stop my movement.

“It’s been so long Brigh.” He moaned in my ear, making it so difficult to stop this.

“Michael I can’t.” I finally snapped out of whatever trance I was in and jumped off of him.

“Fuck, what the fuck just happened. Oh my god that shouldn’t have happened.” Tears rolled out of my eyes.

Michael ran a hand through his hair, muttering profanities under his breath.

“I won’t tell Kate, but that can never happen again.”

“But Brigh, I’ve lost my feelings for Kate.”

“No, no you haven’t you are still madly in love with her, and you’re going to get married and have unnatural colored hair babies.”

“Brigh, I’m sorry. I should’ve told you this way sooner, but it’s always been you. Since that day you moved in the John and Edna.”

My breath caught in my throat at this confession.

“No, you love Kate.”

“Brigh, I’m in love with you.”

“Don’t, don’t you dare fucking say that.” I said pointing at him.

“It’s the truth.”

“This can’t happen.” I said running passed him and up to my room.

Fuck! Fuck! Fuck! Why did that have to happen? Why did Kate have to leave me alone with him? Why couldn’t I have just controlled my raging hormones? I’m so fucking stupid. I can’t believe I just did that to my best friend.


The next morning I walked down the stairs to get some breakfast. Kate and Michael were sitting at the kitchen table laughing as if they were the happiest couple in the world. How could he do that to her? How could he lie to her like that? He saw my disgusted look and avoided eye contact. Kate noticed and looked over at me.

“Hey Brigh, breakfast is on the stove it should be done in a few minutes.”

“Kay thanks.” I said having a seat on the couch, far away from them.

I know that Kate noticed that something was off with us. I thought about last night all throughout the night, not getting one bit of sleep. There were surely dark circles under my eyes. Michael’s confession confused me more than anything. Dammit Michael why did this have to happen? Sure Michael is a very attractive person, and I didn’t want to stop last night, but we’re not emotionally connected like Harry and I were.



Hey guys im really trying to keep up with updating every Monday now. So here's chapter seven. I hoped you enjoy it I do feel that it is kinda short. If you liked this chapter don't forget to like comment and favorite. 


Also I went to a 5sos concert this Saturday and the post concert depression has punched me in the face. -Tessa x 

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