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Michael and I ended up playing on the Xbox for a few more hours until my bum started going numb and my stomach started growling. I looked at the clock that read five thirty; time to start dinner. To be honest after that meeting with Amanda I wanted to just crawl into bed and sleep. I was only with her for at most ten minutes, and she already wore me out.

 I know it may be wrong of me to dislike my sister so much, but she has always been a bitch to me, I don’t understand why no one else sees it.  Sometimes she makes me want to throw myself off a cliff.

 I pulled out some vegetables and started chopping. I planned on making a nice warm stew for this freezing winter’s day. I was in the middle of chopping up some carrots when my phone started ringing. I looked at the caller ID to see that it was my mum, no doubt calling to tell me how rude I was a Subway.

 “Hello mum,” I answered trying to sound as cheerful as possible.

 “You were very rude to your sister today.” She said without a hello or anything.

 “Yeah I know, I know.”

 “And since you wanted to be so rude and leave so early, we’re coming over for dinner.” Where’s that cliff?

 “Mum, are kidding me, you can’t just invite yourself for dinner.”

 “I’m your mother of course I can.”

 “I just wanted a nice quiet evening with my boyfriend and best friend.”

 “Well now you get your mum and sister, we’ll be there in twenty minutes.”

 I groaned and slammed my phone on the counter.

 “Whoa everything alright there babe?” Harry asked wrapping his arms around my waist.

 “My fucking mother decided it would be a good idea to just invite herself and my sister over for dinner tonight. My mum knows that me and my sister don’t get along and I think she does this just to spite me.” I groaned again and leaned my head against Harry’s chest.

 “I’m sorry babe, but hey I get to meet more of your family.”

 “Trust me you don’t want to meet Amanda.”

 Knowing Amanda she’s most likely going to be all over Harry or Michael, most likely both; anyone who will give her the attention. Even though she has a boyfriend she’ll through herself at the next guy who walks into the room. I feel horrible for this Ron guy, having to put up with my slutty sister. I wonder how many times he’s had to forgive her for cheating.

 “Well, we’ll just have to surprise your mum with an amazing even. You’ll try to get along with your sister for as long as she may be here, then you can rant to me about how much you hate her when she leaves.”

 I nodded and continued to chop a variation of vegetables. Twenty minutes later and there was a knock on the door, followed by an impatient ring of the doorbell. Harry was the one to let my mum and sister in as I continued to cook the stew that wasn’t going to be done for another forty minutes.

 I walked out into the living room to see my mum, Amanda, Harry and Michael all gathered around just chatting away. Fucking amazing, even they can’t see what an incredibly annoying person she is.

 “There you are Brigh, I was beginning to think you had run away.”

 If only.

 We all had a seat in the living room. My mum sat next to Amanda on one couch, Harry and I on the other, and Michael in an armchair. There was a slightly awkward slightly annoying silence that fell over the room.

 “So Amanda,” Harry started a conversation, “where is it that you live.”

 “I live in Amsterdam now with my boyfriend Ron. I was traveling around for a bit with him and we decided that Amsterdam was our favourite and we just stayed there.”

 “And do you work?”

 “Actually I just got a job as a journalist. Its always been my dream job.”

 I sat up slightly and furrowed my brows. I would have never have pegged Amanda as the journalist type. I never even knew that’s what she wanted to be. I felt a little guilty for not knowing that much about my own sister, but she was the one who disappeared after school, not me.

 “What about you Brigh, are you working?” My sister turned the attention to me.

 “Uh, no, I just don’t really have anything that I want to do at the moment.” I said, my cheeks turning slightly pink. Well it seems that my ‘slutty’ sister is more successful than me. I haven’t have a steady job since the café.

 “Well that’s okay, I’m sure you’ll find something you’re passionate about.”

 I was passionate about becoming a book editor when I was in high school, but all the Unis I had applied for rejected me. I kind of just gave up after so much rejection. Then I moved to Whitechapel and started working at the café. Part of me wonders if I had gotten into one of those Unis would all of this ever have happened.

 We sat there talking about the most random stuff and at times I thought I found myself not completely hating life.  Finally the food was done and we gathered around the dinner able. Amanda sat between me and my mum and Harry and Michael and sat on the other side of the table.

 After having all that conversation in the living room we sat in silence. All that was heard was the clinking of silverware.

 “So Brigh, I was thinking that maybe we could go shopping tomorrow and maybe catch up, just the two of us.” Amanda said as she finished her stew.

 “Oh, uh yeah, that sounds fun.” That cliff would really come in handy right now. I would’ve found some way to get out of it, but I know both my mum and Harry would talk me into going anyway.

 “Awesome, we can leave at like noon or something and make a whole day of it.” Seriously are there any cliffs nearby. 

 “Yeah, that would be great.” I said with just a little bit too much sarcasm because Harry pushed my leg with his foot under the table. I cleared my throat as if I didn’t mean the sarcasm which I really did and really didn’t care if she noticed. Even if she did she pretended not to as she smiled at me.


 My mum and Amanda finally left around seven thirty. I closed the door with a groan. That was not how I wanted to spend my evening and it’s not how I planned to spend tomorrow either. Now I’m stuck with my sister for the entire day when I’d much rather be with Harry.

 “That was terrible.”

 “Was it really?” Harry said with an eyebrow raised.

 “Did you not hear how annoying she was? I swear I’m not going to make it through a full day with her.”

 “She’s really not that bad.”

 “Yeah when she’s around people, but she’s a complete bitch to me when no one is around. It makes me sick because my mum always treats her better than me, even though I’m not the one who took off without telling anyone where I was going after I graduated.”

 “You did kind of take off without telling her where you were going when we went to America.”

 “Are you taking her side?”

 “I’m taking anyone’s side I’m just saying maybe you should try to reconnect with your sister, she is your sister after all.”

 “You sound just like my mother.” I huffed. “I’m going upstairs.” I said then marched up the stairs. To be honest I’m acting like the bitchy spoiled one at the moment, but I deserve to act like this, because I’m not like my sister who is always the bitchy spoiled one.

 “Brigh,” I heard Harry softly call after me.

 I just stayed silent as I climb the stairs.

 I changed into my pajamas even though it was only seven forty-two now. I climbed into bed and turned on the flat screen that was mounted on the wall. I cuddled into the huge duvet to stay warm. Not even two minutes later, Harry walked in.

 “Babe, are you okay?” He asked as he walked over to the end of the bed.

 I sighed and sat up. “It’s just my sister has always gotten everything she ever wanted. My mum and dad have always favoured her. They didn’t know how she really was. Whenever she did something bad she would always pin it on me. My parents thought I was an out of control little monster when it was really my sister. The worst thing she ever did to me was, one day we were out shopping and I thought she had finally come around to being the nice bigger sister. But when I wasn’t looking she slipped something into my bag and when we left the alarm went off. I almost got sent off to an all-girl school in Germany.”

 “Brigh, I had no idea she was like that. But all I was saying was maybe she changed.”

 “People don’t change, Harry.”

 “…I…I did…” He said sounding a little hurt.

 “No I didn’t mean that, I just mean she hasn’t changed and I know she hasn’t. Come here.” I opened my arms and he curled up next to me.

 He brought more warmth than any duvet could ever. I didn’t really realize how much I really needed him those two months he was gone, but I know I need him now more than ever. And I know I’ll always have him, no matter what happens.


I forgot to update everyday like I said I would so I'm gonna post three chapters right now. -Tessa x

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